Tenino Mayor Poisoned by Passion

Tenino mayor accused of having ‘intimate moment’ in city car

By Lindsay Cohen Published: Sep 19, 2012 at 11:12 PM

LACEY, Wash. — A local mayor is under investigation, accused of having an “intimate moment” with a woman in a city vehicle on the city’s dime.

Police in Lacey have forwarded their report about the incident to the city attorney, who will decide whether to file any charges in the case.

Police say they took a report on Monday involving Tenino Mayor Eric Strawn. Strawn admits he used a city car to run a city-related errand and, on his way back, he stopped to have lunch with a female friend.

While there, he said he had a glass of wine, waited a few hours and then got back behind the wheel. It was when he stopped to drop off his female friend that he said he had an intimate moment. He said the two shared an “affectionate kiss,” but nothing more.

Strawn, who recently separated from his wife, said he was soon approached by police officers. He said the officers told him “they got a report of some oral sexual activity.”

Strawn denies that claim, and believes whoever called the police alleging there was something illicit going on may have had the wrong impression.

“I’m confident I did nothing wrong, so I am confident to stand here and tell you this,” he said. “I am confident to stand here and tell anybody listening that I did nothing wrong. I merely had an affectionate moment – a kiss – with another woman, which I am allowed to have. It just so happened that it was in my vehicle that I used for work.”

Strawn also said the car he was in is a former police vehicle that’s currently used for the city’s motor pool.

Lacey police would only confirm that they took the report and that it’s now in the hands of the city attorney. Strawn wasn’t arrested and wasn’t detained.

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