The World Dick Taylor wants the Pork to Bring You

Candidate for Pork Commissioner, Dick Taylor, besides being well past retirement age (75), clueless about Pork business, asleep in public meetings such as the KMAS sponsored candidates forum held at the Public Works facility, admits to having been an ardent supporter of the Adage promoted biomassacre proposal Jay Hupp and Tom Wallitner (2 current Pork Commissioners) also sought to foist (this environmental disaster in the making) onto an outraged community. The Pork’s Johns Prairie acreage has been responsible for aquifer contamination while Simpson flushed Dioxin contaminated ash from its hog fuel boiler down the sewer into our sewage treatment plant (STP) and Oakland Bay/Shelton Harbor where it remains as one of the most concentrated toxic waste sediments in the Puget Sound.

Naturally all this is fine with Shelton’s current City administration, including Dawn Pannel, currently running for Mayor after her 10 years of failed policies as City Commissioner. The City and its air are visibly filthy, yet its council can’t seem to get enough of just that, even welcoming yet another filth spewing incinerator permit application for another hog fuel boiler to be built by Simpson downtown near the existing belching monstrosities.

Currently, the City has another plan to bring pollution right to your doorstep: It wants you to pipe sewage treatment water to your hose bibs, lawn, and garden. They don’t want you to actually drink it (just yet), but say it would help save the CLEAN water for more important priorities–maybe they’re contemplating rinsing off the human dung from sidewalks and downtown alleyways? Is this a great town, or what?…where to pick up a postcard so your folks can take it all in.

For a peek at the world these players and their supporters want to bring you, the following video clip is at your disposal:

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