Violent Street Games Ends w/Gunshots, Hospital, Jail

Street Violence has escalated-a new dimension: Boredom motivated Assaults.

A ‘game’ some call “knock ’em out” where city youth sucker-punch/taze random pedestrians has resulted in some victims shooting their assailants a la Charles Bronson’s “Death Wish” (movie title). Whether motivated by boredom, turf wars, political pretexts, hostility toward photojournalists, or anti-state rhetoric, street violence is becoming increasingly pernicious and debilitating for equal access to our public spaces/venues. Citizens are beginning to resort to self-defense because they cannot rely on the police or our justice system for protection/public safety.

White youth attacks elderly black man for notoriety

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2 Responses to Violent Street Games Ends w/Gunshots, Hospital, Jail

  1. Drew Hendricks says:

    This so-called “Trend” has been proven to be nothing more than a handful of anecdotes linked together through racism, fear, the need to sell eyeballs, and shoddy ‘journalism.’ So, perfect for your pages.

  2. admin says:

    Not having been there when the young male was shot, the video was composed by another. It was worth posting again and commenting upon. Though you introduced the word ‘Trend’ here, it’s appropriate. Sufficient anecdotal evidence combined with personal experience along with too many reports from local residents/friends give breath to the assertion the streets are becoming increasingly violent, dangerous, and malevolent–often with political pretexts. That’s not to say (A)narchists are the only miscreants. There are plenty of bad actors including, sometimes, the police or self preening public officials who instigate confrontations between street elements and the police. Olympia’s City manager, Mr. Hall is possibly a good example.

    How’s life in Hadlock treating you? Port Townsend is a fun place and the cultural hub of the Olympic Peninsula.

    Many people now express reluctance/fear of coming into Olympia after dark these days. It’s worse in many of Seattle’s quarters…even during daylight hours. Shelton isn’t immune either. Perhaps I can put this in context more succinctly: I don’t know much, only what I read in the newspaper. 🙂 So, I’d be interested in where you found evidence/proof that said violence/trend is ‘anecdotal’? Like politics, all news/journalism is local/anecdotal. When enough tiles are assembled, a mosaic of the total picture appears. Regards!

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