WAmend Meets To Overturn Citizens United


Olympia, WA (4-17-14) — WAmend is part of a nationwide organization set on overturning the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United equating money in unlimited amounts to ‘free speech’. The ruling currently allows corporations, et ux, to contribute unlimited amounts to their favorite politician/candidate…sometimes contributing to BOTH in a transparent bid to buy access regardless of who wins at the ballot box.


Corporate Takeover

The local arm of the movement to amend the U.S. Constitution, stripping said corporations of their ability to effectively buy elections/politicians gathers on a regular basis in the Thurston County building meeting room to discuss strategies on how to gain enough signatures (300,000) to put Washington State on the map of the necessary 3/4ths of the States needed to amend the Constitution with respect to this issue of the legal ‘personhood’ of corporations when it comes to ‘free $peech’.


Keeping America Beautiful


Volunteers for gathering signatures on the petition are needed, businesses are being approached to display the document where customers can find and sign them. Community activists are tabling at public events and on the streets/business parking lots in an effort to allow citizens to take back the democratic/political process in America from the deep pockets that diminish the One Man:One Vote principle we hold dear. Given that money is the “mother’s milk of politics”, an unlimited amount of it predictably corrupts the political and democratic process.



Those who attended the night’s meeting were a mixed group of all ages and backgrounds including at least one British National who has resided in America these past 22  years. It was a lively group, full of commitment and a love for what this country has to offer. They welcome anyone genuinely interested in participating. The main organizer is Mike who can be contacted at: savocas@fairpoint.net




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