We ARE the Media!: Why photojournalists must be protected

Some misguided violently radical underground elements calling themselves (A)narchists have published ‘fatwas’ inviting others to physically assault photojournalists covering demonstrations, public events, and street violence/vandalism. They justify their excoriating photojournalists on the pretext of ‘security’, i.e. the possibility of police identifying perpetrators on the basis of published clips/photos. The observation this violates a fundamental legal right of the public to document/report what happens in its midst in public spaces is rejected with sentiments like, “F*ck the Law!” Sometimes such rhetoric comes from the mouths of senior professors salaried with tax money at public colleges.

The irony is these self styled underground violently radical young hotheads simultaneously appeal for public support/donations to the resisters of federal Grand Jury subpoenas to testify about their ideological comrades.

The following video clip contains graphic violence and the quintessential argument for why public spaces must remain transparent inviolate from thugs, be they government, homeless, political activists, or (A)narchists by persuasion:

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