Yet (A)nother (A)rgument for 2nd Amendment Rights

In the words of JFK, the ‘rights’ of man do not flow from the largess of government but are endowed upon us by our Creator. They are inalienable because they are inseparable from our humanity. They are ours. We are born with them. This includes the right of self defense against imminent attack or injury, against ALL enemies, both foreign and domestic. It is not only a right, but a duty because the police can’t/won’t provide for everyone’s safety, they have no legal duty to provide for any given individual’s safety, and they’re notorious for engaging in selective enforcement, choosing their favorites or directed to do so.

While police brutality exists with shocking regularity, it has its counterparts in street elements such as violently radical self described (A)narchists. The following screed was cut & pasted from the PUGET SOUND ANARCHISTS blog, an Olympia website specializing in promoting self avowed war against the state, denial of even the existence of ‘rights’, hostility to all laws, government, society, and even civilization. It serves as a warning of how proudly dangerous this crowd of thugs with political pretexts are.

Olympia’s Ambassadors: Lipstick on a Pig

Wed, 11/27/2013 – 2:51pm

The Olympia Downtown Ambassadors are a group whose stated purpose is to promote a safe and welcoming atmosphere in downtown Olympia for everyone. While on the surface that might sound like a nice mission, if we dig a little deeper we find that the Downtown Ambassadors are fundamentally a class enemy and represent the police, the city, and the Olympia Downtown Association, who would like nothing more than to disappear every poor and houseless person.

What does it mean to be safe and welcoming for everyone? Platitudes about safety and comfort for all hide the reality of a social war, where safety and comfort are only possible for those with power, privilege, and money. On one side of this conflict sit the poor, the houseless, the downtrodden, the disenfranchised, the uncontrollables. On the other side are the boutiques, the co-ops, cafes, police, yuppies, the city, the gentry. These two sides’ interests are fundamentally at odds with each other. Perhaps the individual Ambassadors truly believe they can make downtown safe for yuppies and poor people, business owners and houseless folks, but this is the myth of social peace.

The Downtown Ambassadors exist as specialists in conflict mediation and de-escalation. It is in the interest of capitalism and development to neutralize conflict. It is easier to develop an area if there aren’t angry proles acting their rage on their class enemies, and to put it bluntly, homebums fighting in the street scare away yuppies. To take on a specialized role as conflict mediator, especially on the payroll of the city, is to recreate the role of the police and maintain the myth of social peace. And when the Ambassadors can’t de-escalate a conflict verbally, their job is to call the police.

What the Ambassadors do is known as soft policing. While they don’t carry weapons, they put a friendly face on the city and are able to develop rapport and gather information on those who might otherwise be distrustful of the city and the police. What’s to prevent them from sharing any information they gather about uncontrollables and enemies of capitalism with the city and police? The Ambassadors smooth the way for the police to better infiltrate and disrupt their enemies.



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