2 L.A. Cops (A)mbushed, Martial Law Imposed


2 Officers (A)mbushed while opening gate to Station

Venice, CA (Tuesday, June 25, 2013, 9:20 a.m.) – 2 LA police officers were ambushed in their car outside the mid city police station and wounded, but both returned to duty after being treated at a local hospital for their injuries, one a grazed head wound, the other shot in the hand while returning fire. A ‘shelter in place’ is is now imposed for a 25 black radius. The 25-block perimeter is from Pico Boulevard to Washington Boulevard and from Redondo Boulevard to Rimpau Boulevard.

At least one of the suspects was described as wearing black clothing. Three persons of interest are in custody why the search continues. A police spokesman described the attack as “brazen”.

About 200 officers, uniformed and plain clothes, were sweeping the streets with help from four K-9 teams armed with assault rifles and armored vehicles. Residents have been instructed to remain indoors/in their homes.

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