8-13-11 WA Midsummer Renaissance Faire Long Clips

80,000+ annual visitors attend this festival for which northern Mason County was a contender only a couple of years ago. The energy and revenue generated are exhilarating to behold. $9/turkey leg drumsticks, $2/pint bottled water, $135 hats, $150 bodices, vests, pantaloons, bucket boots, swords, armor, shields, adornments, daggers, vestments and regalia of every stripe were on hand from vendors/artists/designers who maintain no store fronts or website presence. Local lodgings were booked. Restaurants were bustling. The event consumes the entire 1st 3 weekends of August.

Though the venue was large, it was all needed to accommodate the numbers of guests, many of whom accepted the invitation to pitch their tents or park their RV’s overnight to take in the entire weekend of performances & displays. Parking and the festival was well organized including ample toilet facilities. Little in the way of planning appeared to have escaped the organizer’s notice. The weather was pleasant. The upper Puyallup valley was a lush agricultural portrait straight from the canvas of Norman Rockwell…in short, unforgettable.

The Washington 2011 Midsummer Renaissance Faire had hundreds of costumed performers to entertain the tens of thousands of visitors. These accomplished equestrian acrobatic virtuosos astounded the crowds with their gymnastic agility and mock medieval tournament reenactments. Many times the audience can be audibly heard holding its breath then letting out sighs of relief or exclamation. The troupe travels extensively throughout the U.S. The well trained draft horses that accompany them are exquisitely beautiful and wildly popular with onlookers. The well toned limber young riders tugged on many a young lady’s fantasies. A blonde lass recently added was equally spectacular.

2011 WA Midsummer Renaissance Faire Tournament 1/3

2011 WA Midsummer Renaissance Faire Tournament 2/3

2011 WA Midsummer Renaissance Faire Tournament 3/3

2011 WA Midsummer Renaissance Faire Equestrian Acrobatics

2011 WA Midsummer Renaissance Faire Equestrian… by pinbalwyz

In this clip, the Pirate Captain demonstrates cannon battle tactics & oversees grudge duels

2011 WA Midsummer Renaissance Faire Pirate Guns & Antics

2011 WA Midsummer Renaissance Faire Pirate Guns… by pinbalwyz

2011 WA Midsummer Renaissance Faire Queen’s Tournament-Joust

2011 WA Midsummer Renaissance Faire Queen's… by pinbalwyz

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