8-13-11 WA Renaissance Faire Shorts

The magic of Washington’s 2011 Midsummer Renaissance Faire still hangs in the air as memories of Equestrian virtuosity and traveling mages linger.

The following short video clips are an effort to capture some of the mood of this huge venue after a rough start discovering the mike was off. The crowds were friendly and in good humor. The event was very well organized and clean. It was fantasy family entertainment at its best.

Traveling Mage


The Magic is in those who believe

The Washington 2011 Midsummer Renaissance Faire had hundreds of costumed performers to entertain the tens of thousands of visitors. Sir Edward describes his years of participation and knighthood. His daughter, Lady Jessica, accompanies him.

8-13-11 WA Renassaince Faire Sir Edward interview

This charming magician (Mathew Vanzee, traveling mage, vanzeemagicDOTcom) had a warm demeanor and affinity for the children in his audience. They were, in fact, spellbound! The magic wasn’t bad either.

8-13-11 WA Renassaince Faire Mathew Vanzee Magic Show

The magic show (19 short clips) can be imagined by clicking on the following:



After an incredibly stunning performance by acrobats on these animals, the crowd admires the horse and rider.

8-13-11 WA Renassaince Faire crowd admires/loves Performer & Horse

One of the festival’s fairy princesses graciously answers questions (after a rough start with the mike) about fairyland and its inhabitants. Many young fairies in training were seen, wings aflutter.

8-13-11 WA Renassaince Faire interview w/fairy princess

The Pirate Captain explains their use of deck cannons to terrorize merchant ships into submission rather than destruction…tightly packed wadding being preferable to poundage for its fearsome report.

8-13-11 WA Renassaince Faire Pirate Guns 1/3

The Pirate’s demo (3 short clips) can be seen by clicking on the following:


The Queen’s companion/courtesan cheers the crowd and roots for Her Majesty’s favorite in the tournament.

8-13-11 WA Renassaince Faire Queen’s Courtesan

Gandalf the White, the powerful famous wizard of Middle Earth is in attendance and graciously answers questions from the curious.

8-13-11 WA Renassaince Faire interview w/Gandalf the White

Knave/Rogue Harley LeQuinn charms children with the attribution of his condition to magic beans he was given by a friend named Jack. But, instead of following Jack’s instructions to plant them, Harley claims he ate them. He then confides the truth of the matter is he was stretched on the rack for alleged crimes, but only his lower limbs since half the charges were dismissed.

8-13-11 WA Renassaince Faire knave Harley LeQuinn interview

Firefox Leather & Furs vendor/owner Nisa Bacher is based in Edmonds, WA, but says she maintains no storefront or web presence for her designs/creations, though a rudimentary start appears to be underway. (catsreachDOTorg/firefox) She invites customers to call (425)787-9797 (by appointment only) to be measured and outfitted…or catch her in her booth at one of the festivals where her artistic creations can be seen. They are truly marvelous, attractive, and well made for either gender.

8-13-11 WA Renassaince Faire vendor Firefox Leather & Furs

Custom leather hat maker Victor More’ [sic?] was swamped with customers. He replaced his display of 3-corner and broad brimmed Cavalier hats over 4 times in 1 day. They ranged from $110 – $130. Victor normally prefers to cut the leather on an existing hat to the customer’s size, but will craft a custom hat from scratch upon request. He states he does not maintain a website for his business. He is based out of Seattle and can be reached at fangsbyvictor@juno.com or (206)459-9220. His creations were outstanding constructed out of heavy weight quality leather, hat decor of your choosing, and attention to detail. His demeanor was professionally affable, unlike that of a much larger competitor based in Watsonville, Calif. (headnhome hats)

8-13-11 WA Renassaince Faire custom leather hat maker Victor More’

The Washington 2011 Midsummer Renaissance Faire had hundreds of costumed performers to entertain the tens of thousands of visitors including this company of pike men which were very effective in ground combat until advances in firearms technology made them obsolete. Today, foxholes, minefields, and trenches might be considered their tactical equivalent. They served as a bulwark against cavalry and advancing infantry alike.

8-13-11 WA Renassaince Faire Pike Men demo anti-cavalry battle tactics

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