Shelton Officer Kicks Handcuffed Suspect’s Head, Breaks Jaw

Shelton Police Officer Christopher Kostad is named in a federal civil rights lawsuite (case #:CV05752-RBL) for having kicked Vince Allen in the head while Mr. Allen was handcuffed lying face down on the ground.

Complaint of Police Brutality, Broken Jaw, Intimidation, Harassment

Apparently the City of Shelton’s disregard for citizens’ basic human rights does not end with merely forcing them and their children to breathe ever increasing amounts of shit from the existing and planned downtown Simpson incinerators.

Creeping Paternalism in City of Shelton government

The lawsuit alleges Officer Christopher Kostad (who resides near what was planned as the Adage site) kicked Vince Allen in the head while the victim was handcuffed lying face down on the ground, breaking his jaw. (Accordingly, the City of Shelton promoted Officer Kostad to the rank of Detective.)

It describes how the Mason County Jail attempted to destroy the evidence by laundering the victim’s blood soaked clothing without his consent, manipulated his signing of documents in an effort to exculpate officer Kostad, and bullied the victim (& his attorney) when he sought incriminating documents through the public disclosure act.

The fact city of Shelton government turns a blind eye to such brutality, even rewarding the perpetrator(s), is telling and reveals a pattern of abuse that extends to other basic human rights violations such as air unfit for children to breathe.

Citizens need to enforce some serious spring cleaning in Shelton City Hall. Removing existing city commissioners responsible for/allowing such abuse would be a good start. Commissioner Pannell is running for Mayor but won’t admit her position on welcoming yet another incinerator into the midst of city residents.  A candidate committed to protecting the community, residents, environment and air quality rather than acting as a knight errant for Simpson is sorely needed just now.  Such a candidate must, of course, reside within the city limits.

candidate Dawn Pannell evades question on additional incinerators in Shelton


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  1. admin says:

    A brief call to John Bonin’s law office (the attorney representing Vince Allen against Shelton police officer Kostad in the above cited civil rights violation and brutality case) revealed a ‘not guilty’ verdict (found no liability on the part of the defendant) was entered. Mr. Bonin was unavailable for comment, but efforts are being made to acquire any audio/transcripts available from trial testimony…to be posted here for the court of public opinion despite the jury relieving Officer Kostad of responsibility for Mr. Allen’s injuries.

    The legal ramification are the defendant’s presumption of innocence was upheld in that Mr. Allen’s attorney was unable (to the jury’s satisfaction) to overcome his client’s burden of proof that Kostad unlawfully caused the injuries Allen sustained.

    The court reporter in the case was Kari McGrath (tel. 206-370-8509; e-mail:

  2. admin says:

    Ms. Kari McGrath (court reporter) states the ~750 pages of testimony transcripts from the trial would cost ~$2,500 to produce. Mr. Bonin, esq. has not returned calls inquiring into trial events and the victim, Mr. Allen is unavailable for an interview due to severe PTSD resulting from the assault. However, one witness who testified at the trial held in the Seattle federal courthouse building was Jack Miles. Mr. Miles was available for a telephone interview after the trial though was denied any opportunity to hear any of the other witnesses during the trial.

    For whatever reason (and Mr. Bonin might shed some light on this) the jury failed to hold Mr. Kostad accountable. But, Mr. Jack miles states unequivocally he saw Officer Kostad stomp on Mr. Allen’s head with his boot while the victim was handcuffed and lying face down on the pavement at about 2:00am that night in the alley near the downtown Shelton funeral home, breaking Mr. Allen’s jaw and rendering him unconscious. Sometimes juries fail to hold uniformed perpetrators accountable regardless of the most stunning evidence (e.g. the video of the Rodney King beating). Without trial transcripts, the defense attorney’s synopsis, or more witness statements, it’s difficult to second guess the verdict. The fact remains, however, that Officer Kostad (now Detective!) of the Shelton police force, had other complaints for brutality lodged against him by previous victims which the jury was never permitted to hear. Citizens should beware and begin documenting/scrutinizing this particular badge holder if they value their lives/safety.

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