Boobs Banning Boobs: FEMEN Jih(a)dists Invited to Shelton

This (A)rticle contains controversial news reports and images/videos of female breasts which may offend some. Parental Discretion advised.

Topless Jihad Day. Milano by femen_org

After Shelton’s Mayor and City Council made themselves the butt of jokes across the nation banning bikini baristas in a recently passed moratorium documented HERE, activist women seeking new standards of autonomy are sorely needed in Geezerville, WA. Muslim autocrats hardly exceed the creeping state paternalism/maternalism evident in Mason County’s biggest town, Shelton–gateway to industrial blight on the Olympic Peninsula. It’s a town that doesn’t mind breathing sh*t so long as it’s coffee remains untainted and its women properly haltered.

Shelton’s guardians of public morality railed against the display of complete asses because…well–they couldn’t stand the competition. *sigh* Where are the ‘barecades’ when ya need ’em?

FIRE OF REVOLUTION! by femen_org

The video reportages of news agencies from the action of burning the salafists flag by FEMEN sextremists near the Big Mosque didn’t reach European audience in a strange way. We don’t claim that there is a censorship or Islamist lobby in the European media industry, we are just showing the fact of absolute lack of footage from the action in the Internet and TV. So. Here it is, the exclusive video of the burning salafists flag by Tunisian Femen provided for FEMEN byEverydayrebellion. Everyone, share the video!


VIVA Topless Jihad! Our breasts are more dangerous then your stones/laws! Topless Jihad has started yesterday in Paris by burning the Salafists flag near the Grand Mosque. There will be topless-protests in more than 10 countries.


ToplessJihad from Paris by femen_orgimage

Topless Jihad Day. Brussels by femen_org

Topless Jihad. Berlin by femen_orgimgimgimgimageimageimgimgimg


The Story Behind Femen by femen_orgimgimageimgimage

FEMEN by femen_orgimageimgimgimageimgimgimageimgimg


December 15, 2012 is the first day of voting in the referendum on the Constitution of Egypt was overshadowed by the fact prosecution on the part of European secret services known activist and blogger Aliaa Elmahdy. Unknown forces affecting management of airlines Lufthansa and Scandinavian airlines was deprived of the opportunity for Aliaa to travel to Paris to participate femen action against Constitution of Mursi. This story about vandalism of human rights Aliaa Elmahdy wrote on her blog

“I was disappointed that my freedom of expression is oppressed even in Europe,” said Aliaa in her blog, attaching the her topless picture with message “Free to act”.
FEMEN requires management of the European Union to conduct an investigation into the violent obstruction of human rights activist and blogger Aliaa Elmahdy.


The French Republic issued an official notification of registration stating that FEMEN is now a voluntary association and an international women’s movement. At the same time, Ukrainian justice refused again to recognize FEMEN as a legal movement in Ukraine, accusing the organization of being extremist.

In response to that, Ukrainian authorities said, “the purpose of the association to fight for women’s rights and against women’s discrimination in society can be seen as an attempt to disturb public order or others’ rights and freedom.”

The FEMEN movement has been receiving international support.


Before the match at the Olympic Stadium in Kievtwo FEMEN activists broked in a closed area.
With their looks activist demonstrated the essence of Euro 2012, as an act of physiological and economic rape of Ukraine.


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