Albuquerque Transit Guard Emulates Violent (A)narchists

Albuquerque, NM (12-4-12) — A City of Albuquerque security guard attacked and beat a Hispanic man for filming him. It’s all on tape in this exclusive story from Police Complaints. When a law-abiding witness started filming an arrest, things got ugly, fast. See the whole story at

[Editor’s Note: Any distinction between this uniformed New Mexico thug and Olympia’s violent (A)narchists who assault/threaten/bully/intimidate/rob photojournalists is one without a difference. They, along with the authority figures they rail against, are corrupt.]

The above story is quite reminiscent of the 12-23-07 arrest of this reporter at the Belfair FEMA field office after being beaten by one of their private security guard (Thomas J. Doyle) for criticizing the competence of FEMA staff. Road Deputy Rhodes (now Detective) responded and treated the victim in much the same manner as the responding police officer seen in the video clip above except he went further, trumping up an imagined felony charge that was so baseless Judge Sheldon refused to find probable cause and dismissed the case after seeing the defendant’s appearance after being treated at the local hospital for his injuries. Deputy Rhodes, having be ordered to transport the victim to the hospital, lied about having they key to his handcuffs when hospital staff asked him to remove them so they could take X-rays.

The Hispanic man who was assaulted would have been convicted of some trumped up offense if he had not had a video record WITH audio of the incident. Others present were aligned with the offending guard and willing to dissemble/lie about what actually happened. Olympia area (A)narchists are equally as unscrupulous. Those wishing to document police officials or radical street elements are well advised to protect themselves by making a record, both visually and audio.


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