Police Brutality in Skokie, IL.

Surveillance Video Reveals Cop (Michael Hart) Hurling Woman, Face First, Into Concrete Cell, Permanently Injuring Her; Lawsuit Follows

by Ed Krayewski (10-10-13)

accused of resisting

Earlier this month, an Illinois woman filed suit against LaSalle County, alleging she was aggressively strip searched by three male deputies and a female in the jail after a DUI arrest and left naked in a cell. This week, her attorney said he has five more women who have come forward with similar complaints.

Now, a separate lawsuit against the Skokie Police Department in Illinois was filed by a Chicago woman, Cassandra Feuerstein, alleging the use of excessive force after her DUI arrest. Surveillance video shows the 110-pound woman talking to an officer off-screen, then walking out of the cell, followed by two cops, and about 30 seconds later being thrown head first toward a concrete bench in her cell, causing bleeding. Feuerstein’s lawyer says she required reconstructive surgery and a titanium plate in her cheek. Cops claimed she wasn’t looking into the camera during processing and tried to charge her with resisting arrest. The state’s attorney dropped those charges and Feuerstein copped a guilty plea to the DUI.

Her attorney says she’s suing because charges weren’t pressed against the officers involved. Watch a short clip of the surveillance video with Feuerstein’s attorney narrating here, or the raw surveillance video, which includes an angle showing her allegedly resisting while having her photo taken, below. Feuerstein walks out of the cell about 1:20 in:

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