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The following link(s) reveals the extent of existing Dioxin contamination, inter-governmental agreements to tighten regulations to contain it, and the failure of ORCAA, Washington State’s EPA, and Mason County (the ‘lead’ EPA agency in this instance) to abide by the restrictions: (Note the highlighted line on page 2 of the report in particular)

4-19-10 Proposed_Changes_to_Interim_Guidelines_for_Dioxins

How We Are Exposed To DIOXIN

Now see the Washington Public Port Association (“WPPA”) e-mail to (US Army Corps of Engineers) complaining of the new (July, 2010) stricter guidelines the various inter-governmental agencies have agreed upon USING THE VERY ARGUMENTS LOCAL RESIDENTS PLEADED and Port of Shelton Commissioners ignored.  The hypocrisy is stunning!  Moreover, it reveals ORCAA isn’t the *only* kingpin in this mix.  The US Corps of Engineers has the final say on federal waterways, and they clearly aren’t taking any prisoners.  Dioxin affects more than air quality, it heavily impacts federal waterways as this and the previous document reveal.  Check below for a 2008 map of Dioxin hot spots around the Puget Sound including our very own Oakland Bay and Shelton Harbor.

2008 Puget Sound Dioxin Survey Map

Slide Presentation of Port Angeles DIOXIN Contamination Analysis

Page 5 – Desperate Town Considers DIOXIN Fungi Bioremediation

DIOXINS in WA State Soils, Bioincinerator Ash used as soil amendments

There is massive Dioxin contamination from Simpson’s activities over the years.  Now it (and Adage) want to add even more.  Yet it won’t even be MONITORED by ORCAA according to Gordon Lance, an engineer with the agency.  How can our government agencies protect us from what they won’t monitor?

That’s right.  You heard me.  DIOXIN emissions from these proposed filthy BioMassacre incinerators won’t even be monitored.  How dangerous are they?  Read the documents associated with the links I’ve embedded here.  Government studies indicate Dioxin will be produced (depending on the kind of wood and some other variables) in amounts of 10 milligrams to 167 milligrams per Kg of wood burned.  These facilities plan (collectively) on burning over 1 million Tons of wood per year in our immediate neighborhood, right here in ‘River City’.  This stuff can and WILL kill you.  It’s just a question of time.  In the meantime it will affect your health, your children, and may cause birth defects.  Oh, BTW, nobody wants to live near these things.  So your property values will take a tremendous hit too.

BioMass Burning: Wood, Leaves, Grass, Forests, Crops & Trash (Expert Study cites Dioxin emission rates: 10mg – 167mg/Kg wood burned)

Green Peace Dioxin-Chlorine essay (Current human tissue Dioxin content 50X historic levels…debunking industry arguments background natural sources are responsible)

Media Contacts:
Patricia Graesser, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers media relations, 206- 764-3760 ( )
Mark MacIntyre, U.S Environmental Protection Agency media relations, 206- 553-7302 ( )
Jane Chavey, Washington State Department of Natural Resources media relations, 360-902-1721 ( )
Curt Hart, Washington State Department of Ecology media relations, 360-407-6990; cell, 360-480-7908 (

More about Washington’s Dredged Material Management Program:

Contacts: Patricia Graesser, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 206-764-3760
Sandy Howard, state Department of Ecology, 360-407-6239
Mark MacIntyre, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 206-553-7302
Jane Chavey, state Department of Natural Resources, 360-902-1721
John Tennis, Thurston County Environmental Health, 360-709-3073
Patti Grant, Port of Olympia, 360-528-8012

Dioxins found in Budd Inlet sediments – agencies join together to improve conditions

Suitability Determination on-line:`S_BY_YEAR

More information about dioxin:

The bottom line is:  Someone needs to file a complaint with the Corps of Engineers, since they have authority over these waterways impacted by the massive fallout from these incinerators.  Dioxin is bio-accumulative. Mothers’ breast milk is already so loaded with this poison it far exceeds what’s allowed in marketable cow’s milk.  But REMEMBER:  Nobody will be monitoring it despite a history here of its unfettered dumping into the environment.  STOP the privatization and poisoning of our air now!  Nobody is minding the hen house.  ORCAA is AWOL.  They’ve been taken over by forces hostile to the people.  They have nothing but pebbles to throw at the industry’s ‘Tanks’ to protect us.  This really is a job for the Army Corps of Engineers (ACE) to protect us from ALL enemies, both foreign and domestic.

Seattle Times article on Dioxin contamination Social Justice

Click HERE to see Who is responsible for Dioxin sampling on private land

2010 Tough New DIOXIN Rules Impact on Port Districts


While it has been difficult to establish specific health effects in humans due to the lack of controlled dose experiments, studies in animals have shown that dioxin causes a wide variety of toxic effects. In particular, TCDD has been shown to be teratogenicmutageniccarcinogenicimmunotoxic, and hepatotoxic. Furthermore, alterations in multiple endocrine and growth factor systems have been reported. The most sensitive effects, observed in multiple species, appear to be developmental, including effects on the developing immunenervous, and reproductive systems.[34] These effects are caused at body burdens close to those reported in humans.

Among the animals for which TCDD toxicity has been studied, there is strong evidence for the following effects:

In rodents, including rats,[35] mice,[36] hamsters and guinea pigs,[37] birds,[38] and fish.[39]
In rodents[35][40] and fish[41]
  • Hepatotoxicity (liver toxicity)
In rodents,[40] chickens,[42] and fish[43]
  • Endocrine disruption
In rodents and fish[44]
  • Immunosuppression
  • In rodents[45] and fish.[46]

Studies of dioxins’ effects in Vietnam:  US groups and Vietnamese groups,

including the Vietnamese government, have convened scientific studies to explore their belief that dioxins were responsible for a host of disorders, including tens of thousands of birth defects in children, that have affected Vietnam veterans as well as an estimated one million Vietnamese, due to their exposure during the Vietnam War to Agent Orange, a defoliant chemical which was widely sprayed over Vietnamese land and which was found to be highly contaminated with TCDD. Several exposure studies showed that some US Vietnam Veterans who were exposed to Agent Orange had serum TCDD levels up to 600 ppt (parts per trillion) many years after they left Vietnam, compared to general population levels of approximately 1 to 2 ppt of TCDD. In Vietnam, TCDD levels up to 1,000,000 ppt have been found in soil and sediments from Agent Orange contaminated areas, three to four decades after spraying. In addition, elevated levels have been measured in food and wildlife in Vietnam.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that dioxin levels in Vietnam veterans[48] were in no way atypical when compared against the rest of the population. The only exception existed for those who directly handled Agent Orange. These were members of Operation Ranch Hand. Long-term studies of the members of Ranch Hand have thus far uncovered a possibility of elevated risks of diabetes.

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Jay & Tim's Legacy

In 1978, dioxins were some of the contaminants that forced the evacuation of the Love Canal neighborhood of Niagara Falls, New York.

Tim & Jay's Gift

Incinerator  Dioxin emissions
American Ref-Fuel               51
Wheelabrator Falls               3
York County                      5
Harrisburg (1994, 1996 tests) 8231
Harrisburg (1997 tests)        909
Harrisburg (1999 tests)       1170

New Dioxin Legal Limit (ESPs)       60
New Dioxin Legal Limit (non-ESPs)   30
(ng=nanograms; dscm=dry standard cubic meter)
CLICK Here for Link to Dioxin Table Site
2009 Squaxin Dioxin Oakland Bay Study
2008 Puget Sound Dioxin Survey Map 

Tim & Jay Early Returns

Dioxin Love

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