BioMassacre EIS Comments Sought by Mason County

The following link contains a letter from Mason County Planning Dept. Director, Barbara Adkins, inviting comments (for a 20-day period only) to her regarding the community impact issues of the proposed BioMassacre incinerator proposed by Adage on the Port of Shelton property situated next to the County’s Recreational Area for children.

Adage surveys its Domain

Please read it and submit your comments PRONTO!  Do NOT put it off until it’s too late.  Barbara Adkins needs our support and this is one way of giving it as well as helping ourselves.  This woman has risked her job putting the community before the personal aggrandizement of her ‘boss’, County Commissioner Tim Sheldon, one of the most hated politicians in Mason County about now.

Guidelines & Invitation to Comment on EIS

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