Vote for Brenda Hirschi, our next County Commissioner

Laura Lewis sagely argued: “Voting for someone isn’t the same as endorsing them.”  So it is that I and my wife feel compelled to vote for Brenda Hirschi for Mason County Commissioner.  My reservations have been expressed elsewhere in this Blog and I’ve been censored for it (Shawnie Whelan/Vedder and John Cox).  But although I personally LIKE Jerry and would gladly spend an evening tipping a few with him, Brenda’s campaign contributors aren’t supporters of Tim Sheldon and Adage.  i.e.  The enemy of my enemy is my ‘friend’.  Jerry appears to be the ‘friend’ of my enemy.

Jerry takes $ from Hupp, Wallitner, Bloomfield, Squaxin Tribe, Taylor

Mind you (and take notice) I’m going to be all over Brenda like maggots on rotten meat regarding ALL threats to our children’s health and those who would privatize the very air we breath.  But Jerry doesn’t even list Jay Hupp and Tom Wallitner in his recent ad printed by the Journal, realizing these officials are widely despised because of their willingness to allow the community to be poisoned by the likes of Adage and Simpson.  Still, the names he does list speak volumes about what forces support him…names known to the community as enemies of our collective health, our children, our environment, and our future.

So while I cannot ‘endorse’ Brenda for the reasons cited elsewhere on this Blog, I urge you to vote for her because, clearly, Jerry is already sleeping with the enemy.

ps:  While in office as County Commissioner, Mary Jo Cady threatened to ‘condemn’ a local resident’s (Guy Parson) land in retaliation for his attempts to defend against (what he viewed as) County mismanagement of his river bank in the flood plain of the Skokomish.  Bill Hunter signed the County up for the Growth Management Act.  Herb Baze was voted out of office for firing an employee who was too honest with the public regarding what a new highway through Belfair would cost…that and hiring an out of state manager (at great expense, but which Mary Jo had invited) to do the job we elected Herb to do on a generous salary.  Herb apparently didn’t want to do the job himself.  He just wanted the status and pay for it.  I wasn’t around when Annette (a brilliant campaign manager for Jerry) was Commissioner.  I can tell you she stood up and expressed doubt/confusion about the BioMassacre proposal.  She asked if it wouldn’t be better than current slash practices.  Annette appeared to be unaware such practices are being phased out completely and only 28,000 Tons/yr. of ‘slash’ in the entire Chehalis Air Gap (Lewis, Thurston, Grays Harbor, Mason) are burned now…enough to furnish Adage (alone) with only a 9-day supply of fuel.  Annette seems blind to how vital air quality, health, and our children are to the community and its future.  That is why Jerry is going to lose this election.  Annette gave him bad advice on this issue, and he didn’t have the heart/instincts to recognize it…that and he took money from the Devil.  If Jerry had a soul, he sold it.  The community will not reward him for doing so.  They’re going to elect Brenda Hirschi as County Commissioner because they believe she may protect the community in ways Jerry will not.

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