Killing the Golden Spruce & TESC

Grant Hadwin got a chainsaw and did something terrible

(A tale of obsession so fierce that a man kills the thing he loves most: the only giant golden spruce on earth.)

Death of the Golden Spruce

This story is both chilling and instructive. It raises the question of sacrifice & opprobrium for a noble cause. If TESC insists on serving as a model for the BioMassacre of our forests, the destruction of our air quality, the assault on our health and our children, then what battle tactics are ‘legitimate’ in a war for social justice and the forests upon which we all depend?

You decide!

Click the following for a tale of Asymmetrical Warfare and the

Killing of the Golden Spruce

“NORRIS: Hadwin was–he was an experienced, even legendary, timber scout. He was an avid outdoorsman and passionate environmentalist. Why would

One of a Kind - Golden Spruce alive

he do something like this, destroy the thing he loved the most?

Mr. VAILLANT: It’s not something we can really look at in isolation. You know, you have to see a guy who went into the woods at 16, who was having misgivings about timber practices from the age of 17 onwards. And so when he got out to the Charlottes to Haida Gwaii and saw this tree–this tree stood on an enormous timber lease held by what was then the country’s biggest timber company, MacMillan Bloedel, which has since been bought by Weyerhaeuser. And he knew this tree had been saved by MacMillan Bloedel, and I think what he saw was, `If this is the only tree you care about, then I’m going to cut it down, so you can see how I feel and how so many other people feel about these other forests that are being cut down without a thought.'” -excerpt from NPR interview-

Tourists admiring THIS Tree, ignoring others

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