Occupy Olympia Black Man Cries Out In Protest

The prevailing trend of militarizing our police along with the increased incidence of brutalization at their hands is evident in this clip filmed outside the Occupation of the Rachel Corrie Community Center (abandoned old Public Health building in Olympia across from Heritage Park and Bayview supermarket). Mary Hath Spokane, one of the spiritual leading lights of non-violence in the Occupy Olympia encampment has often stated she never met anyone she couldn’t love. Here this beautiful woman can be seen putting herself in harm’s way to protect an obviously distraught black man protesting the callous insensitivity of our government institutions, power structure, and elitist social fabric. At one point, she waves off a man offering to help, convinced she has the best chance of preventing the incident from escalating unimpeded and on her own. Mary is a grandmother who has never wanted for courage or tolerance. She is a fantastic role model, not only for today’s youth, but for all of us.

Occupy Olympia Black Man Cries Out In Protest

Occupy Olympia One Face at a Time

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