Olympia Procession of the Species 3-27-13

A non-commercial tradition of over 20 years, Oly folks kick off their shoes to celebrate our planet and all living things in a madcap parade suitable for young and old alike. Though Olympia was the cradle of this theme, it has found a new home in cities all over the world eager to emulate the good vibes, the reminder that all living things, great and small, are kindred spirits.














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Sadly, this year’s Procession of the Species had a certain je ne se quois tension that might be attributed to the Boston Marathon bombings, the Strong (A)rm Robbery-Assault on a photojournalist @ a TESC public event days earlier, a sense of foreboding that Olympia could be on the (A)narchist menu for this coming May Day actions, a sense some in the community have of being hunted for their affiliation with criminality associated with certain (A)narchists, or any of these. A camera reveals much…more than the subject realizes. There was a look on the faces of many attendees that wasn’t present in previous years. Time will tell as the City’s security apparatus gears up to try to protect property as well as prevent force and fraud from a group openly declaring war on the State, society, its institutions, its businesses, private property, the notion of ‘rights’ or law, as well as many of its citizens including photojournalists.

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  1. Becky says:

    Love those pictures. We missed the procession this year. It’s the best celebration ever.

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