(A)nother Call to Violent Action by Maddy?

Puget Sound Anarchists is an online publication catering to (A)narchists and street violence. ‘Maddy’ Pfeifer was a Grand Jury resister, jailed for his refusal to answer questions put to him in that proceeding, and an editor of pugetsoundanarchists.org.


‘Maddy’ Pfeiffer, self described (A)narchist, & friend/sister/supporter/whatever

Recently, in the wake of the Zimmerman jury verdict, the publication issued the following screed with its call to arms:

Hoodsupsupporter (click to display PDF file)

There have been outbreaks of violence responding to such calls to action across the nation, attacking innocent bystanders and venting their ‘rage’ in a surfeit of race baiting. What Charles Manson was unable to achieve, the polemics surrounding the Zimmerman murder trial appear to have accomplished.

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