Shelton SYG Critics Rally @ Kneeland Park 7-22-13

A small (~12) group of activists rallied by Kneeland Park in Shelton today just after the 5:00pm rush hour traffic and daily train blockade on 1st Ave. They looked a little tired and long in the tooth, closely matching Mason County’s demographics. i.e. retired senior citizens passionately opposed to the suspected gratuitous killing of a black teen in Sanford, FL, SYG (stand your ground) laws, and the unannounced carrying of a concealed handgun by citizens intent on monitoring/observing their neighborhoods to reduce crime.

Shawnie Ann Vedder/Whelan (aka: Shawna Whelan) (dob: 10-9-65) of 1017 W. Franklin St, Shelton, WA. 98584 posted notice of the event, rode her bicycle along w/her youngest daughter to attend, but changed her mind after seeing this reporter w/camera in hand. Community activist Katherine Price showed up, as did her friend, Sheri Staley. Several others (including Pat Vanderhay) donned hoodies to amplify their voices while some displayed packets of Skittles or held signs protesting what they viewed as a miscarriage of justice that allowed Zimmerman to walk away as a free man after a jury returned a not-guilty verdict in his murder trial. Nevertheless, the local activists who displayed their displeasure with the verdict, the SYG laws around the country, and the right of citizens with a permit to carry a concealed handgun, insisted on referring to Zimmerman as a ‘murderer’.

During interviews with two, they advanced arguments amounting to speculation as reason why Zimmerman should have been convicted of murder. It is well we have people in our community who place such a high value on human life. Conversely, it is disturbing so many have misapprehensions about our judicial system, due process, and citizen juries of our peers. They reflected little nuance or critical reasoning regarding a jury’s fact finding deliberations, and for that reason should be challenged or removed from any panel involving emotionally charged allegations. Toward that end, any defendant in Mason County slated for such a jury trial would do well to study the following faces and reckon with the likelihood their owners are unable to set their biases and passions aside in order to discharge their duty as members of an impaneled jury…especially in a criminal trial, but likely any litigation.

Home Delivery

Home Delivery


Fungal Afficianado & daughter


Unidentified Senior Participant opposed to Zimmerman verdict & SYG laws


Early Arrivals


Katherin Price & Co. Arrive


Hoodies Anonymous


Fatal Skittles


Rally for Trayvon holds teen in exemplary light


Honk for Trayvon


Unidentified Woman w/Camera Mourns Loss of Her Nephew in Robbery


Unidentified Passing Pedestrian


Katherine Price Incognito


Camaraderie in Support of a Common Cause


Ever Faithful to Abstract Ideals, Biases


Mr. Natural


Hoods Up in the Hood


Katherine Price playing Darth Vader


OB1 KnoB


Sheri Staley




No race minorities


Unidentified Black Pedestrian


Justice for Trayvon–Persecution for Zimmerman


Children Deserve a Safe Environment


Pia Sides w/Gun Control Advocates


The Diesel Smoke of Train Romance and Air Pollution


Many Have Fallen But Few Are Chosen


Advocates of Abused Woman Defense, Opponents of SYG laws?


All Citizens Are Equal…But Some Are More Equal Than Others


Road Hog @ Rush Hour


Keeping It Real


As Go Our Youth, So Goes the Nation


Reform, Revision, Rejection, Reflection…or Retrenchment?


Shelton’s Finest

Background on Shelton’s very own Cadillac Welfare Queen:

Shawnie in her prime

Shawnie Ann Vedder (many aliases) has been a gadfly about town since her arrival in Shelton due to her interest in photography and community events. She is an avid mountain hiker and consistently photographed them on her many expeditions along with narratives she posted online.

Shawnie has a business–selling her photographs and a WA State business license claiming as much. She has 2 daughters and 3 ex-husbands, the last having died prior to her vacationing in New Zealand some months ago. When he was yet alive, but ill, she found the time and $ to tour China. She published beautiful pictures of both trips. The cameras she uses are among the best and most expensive. She purchased a drone for aerial shots and 4WD vehicles for making to the many distant trailheads she regularly visited to start her various assaults on surrounding mountain peaks–after all, Shelton likes to describe itself as the gateway to the Olympics.

The woman is as strong as an ox and wily as a coyote with an abiding interest and education in fungi–a 4 year degree in that science from TESC and yet a 2nd degree also at public expense. Not to put too fine a point on it, but she’s managed to purchase a home @ 1017 W. Franklin St, Shelton, WA. 98584…all while on the dole, an $800/mo. dole according to her child support worksheet because she’s…uhhh…CRAZY! Yeah, social security provides this parasite at least the amount she admitted to in court not counting all the health care benefits and other extras (free park passes) she receives because she’s DISABLED you see.

Shawnie was not too disabled to be hired by Shelton’s Mason County JOURNAL as a photographer or too handicapped to earn 2 college degrees, or to represent herself in multiple court litigations, but she feels entitled to the $ she argues because she worked at one time decades ago as a truck driver. Living the life of Riley while Riley’s away seems to be Shawnie’s chosen lifestyle…and it’s free. Gosh–house, 4WD RV’s, 2 girls, husband allowed to only live in the garage, world traveler, mountain climber and wanderer, photographer with all the gear you could imagine–even aerial drones w/camera, likely reduced property taxes, free park passes, food stamps, free health care, TWO 4-year college degrees at public expense, her own business and photography career, microscope w/camera for her fungi hobby–is this a great country, or what?

So what’s the downside?–the underbelly of the beast? I mean, looks aren’t everything–right?

As it turns out, Shawnie’s mental illness has an erratic violent side that includes self harm and child abuse to her own girls. She is also dangerous to adults and those closest to her tell the tale:

Petition for DV protection

Father’s Plea to protect his daughter from Shawnie’s physical& mental abuse

David Vedder’s Declaration

Shawnie’s father declares her a mortal threat to his granddaughter

Scott Turchin’s Declaration

Girl’s father cites multiple instances of abuse & neglect

Protection Order

Order Protecting Mildred

Being ‘crazy’ hadn’t been just a bonanza, Shawnie wasn’t even ordered to pay a nickel toward the support of her own daughter. If you’re wondering what’s to become of our social safety nets, look no further than the Queen of mean in Shelton. While it’s true the system expects even the halt, lame & handicapped to work toward their own support, Shawnie figures that’s only for the little people.

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2 Responses to Shelton SYG Critics Rally @ Kneeland Park 7-22-13

  1. pinbalwyz says:

    Charlie Daniels (of the Charlie Daniels Band) writes:

    The Trayvon Martin killing was a tragedy that, as far as I’m concerned, never should have happened. It was a classic case of really bad judgment on the part of both the involved individuals, with Zimmerman following Trayvon when he shouldn’t have and Martin attacking Zimmerman when he shouldn’t have and both men responsible for painting themselves into one of those tight corners where somebody has to be hurt.

    But the case, as tragic as it was, was made many times worse by an irresponsible media and civil rights leaders who exploited it for whatever ink and TV face time they could get out of it.

    In the time the Zimmerman trial was going on there were sixty-one murders in Chicago, forty-three of them were black males and seven of those black males were under the age of 18, most of them died from gunshot wounds, all violent, all senseless. Do Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson just not care as much about the black male population of Chicago or is it they just can’t garner as much media attention there?

    Speaking of media attention, a young white couple, students at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, was carjacked, raped, tortured and murdered.

    The young man, Christopher Newsome, was raped and beaten, then castrated, shot, his body dumped by train tracks and set on fire while his girlfriend, Channon Christian, was forced to watch.

    Channon was gang raped over a period of days, her breasts cut off while she was still alive, then had cleaning fluid sprayed in her mouth in an attempt to erase the traces of DNA and her body put into a garbage receptacle.

    Maybe you’re wondering why you haven’t heard about this inhuman crime, perhaps you think your local paper hadn’t time to cover it yet?

    I seriously doubt that since the crime took place in August of 2006. Your local news outlets most likely never covered it. I live about 150 miles from where it took place and, to the everlasting shame of networks and the local news media, I never heard about it either until somebody brought my attention to it on the internet.

    How could a crime this heinous, this inhuman, this completely evil escape the notice of the mass media and the talking heads who are always screaming for equal justice under the law?

    It Simply doesn’t fit their agenda; the perpetrators were all black, all five of them. If this wasn’t a case of blatant racism, I truly don’t know what is. Do you honestly believe there wasn’t racial bias involved in the choosing of the victims and the malicious violence that was done to them? Yet this story, one of the most hideous murders of the decade, was not covered by the media and was completely ignored by the so called civil rights leaders of all colors.

    A dangerous precedent has been set by Eric Holder’s Justice Department, aided and abetted by the mainstream American media, selective prosecution–selective journalism all calculated to push a political agenda that drives the races in this nation farther apart every day.

    No good will come from Al Sharpton calling for demonstrations around the nation. Already, a group of blacks have beaten a random Hispanic citizen claiming, “This is for Trayvon”.

    What’s the difference in this and what the KKK was doing a few short decades ago. Is this what Sharpton and his ilk want to see happen?–anarchy in the name of prejudice? Isn’t that very thing what he’s supposed to be fighting against?

    America cannot continue down this path and remain the land of the free, the home of the brave where all men are equal under the law.

    America desperately needs a President who unites, not a divider, a Justice Department that actually wants to enforce the law equally, regardless of color or race, a Congress and Senate who could reclaim their testicles and a media which reports the news instead of trying to make it.

    Blind hate is blind hate no matter what color it comes in.

    I will not be a part of it.

    What do you think?

    Pray for our troops and the peace of Jerusalem.

    God Bless America

    Charlie Daniels

  2. nameofthepen says:

    Admin, LMAO at your captions describing the photos of Shelton’s contribution to the social madness!

    I’m a transplant (read: “refugee”) to Mason County from Los Angeles. I love it here. And I’m very familiar with the endearingly-retro little town of Shelton. Now that I’ve discovered your gem of a blog, you can bet I’ll be a regular visitor from now on. 😀

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