County Commissioner appointment Rumors & Denials

I never voted for a politician…only against.”–Randy Neatherlin misquoting WC Fields–

Though Mason County Commissioner Jerry Lingle has yet to be buried, rumors are now circulating regarding contenders seeking to be his successor appointed/nominateded by Tim Sheldon and Linda Ring-Erickson. Jay Hupp vehemently denied such rumors as did Marlene Taylor for her husband, Dick Taylor. Marlene was quaintly ignorant of who had been donating large sums to her husband’s campaign (Hupp and Wallitner) as well as woefully clueless for an ex-Pork Commissioner about the fact the EDC (Economic Development Council) was a private company receiving public funds with virtually no oversight/accountability from local politicians who sit on its board of directors and even receive campaign contributions from its employees. Mayor Tarrant (retiring) and Ross Gallagher were not reached for comment.

Al Zeimer for Pork Commissioner

Having lost the primary election for Port Commissioner, Brian Avery put his intellectual bona fides on display in a letter to the editor of The Journal urging his supporters to vote for Dick Taylor. Brian’s reasoning?  It ran something like the following:

Despite dutifully clucking about environmental responsibility during the candidates forum held at the Mason County Public Works facility by KMAS, Mr. Avery recommends the candidate (of 2 remaining) who ardently supported Adage in the recently hotly contested issue about exactly that. Mr. Avery goes on in his letter to extol the virtues of developing a tract of land south of the Shelton Airport, counter to the position taken by Pork Commissioners Jay Hupp and Tom Wallitner. At great public expense, the Pork has successfully litigated against the City of Shelton’s efforts to change the zoning of the disputed tract to allow Hall Equities to develop it in what Mr. Avery assures readers would be a responsible and economically advantageous manner. The contradiction between his reasoning and urging voters to abandon their strongest advocate on this very issue apparently escapes his ken. Likewise, Mr. Avery appears completely ignorant of the fact Commissioners Hupp and Walitner are some of Dick Taylor’s biggest campaign contributors. Though having been notably absent from Pork public meetings, Brian chooses to weigh in with his opinion on the ‘bickering’ at the Pork…suggesting voters should turn against the one Commissioner (Jack Miles) who has consistently been their strongest most unapologetic ally in protecting the taxpayer, the health and welfare of the community, and democratic principles in government.

Do we really want 3 septuagenarians sleeping at the Pork?











Commissioner Miles’ political paradox is reminiscent of a supporter urging President Truman during a whistle stop in his campaign to “Give ’em hell, Harry!”  Truman replied, “I never gave them hell…I just gave them the truth and they thought it was hell.”

Mr. Avery has amply demonstrated by his vacuous reasoning he didn’t have the intellectual horsepower or political sophistication to manage the people’s business in such an important elected office after being, perhaps too narrowly, rejected by the voters.

Pork of Shelton Commissioners Executive Session

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