Letter to Editor: Campaign Synopsis

Thank You all who supported me in my bid for Re-election to the Port of Shelton as Commissioner. Though I was disappointed in placing 2nd in the Primary, I was not surprised. I’d predicted a 30% voter turnout that night; it tallied 32%.

I congratulate Mr. Taylor for the support he received, though I’m surprised at his overconfident response when he assured me he would take me down in the November General Election. I suggested given only 3,500 Port of Shelton District residents had cast a vote of the registered 13,128, his confidence was premature. Dick received 52% of the votes cast, or 10% of the electorate.

I believe Mr. Taylor received most of his votes from local Veterans due to a few engaged in a smear campaign to confuse those Veterans by questioning my military discharge without providing the reason why. In fact, the circumstances and motives were honorable based on my adamant belief all physically and mentally able Americans of character should be allowed to serve their country without discrimination.

Dick Taylor’s biggest campaign donor is Port Commissioner Tom Wallitner at $500.00. Mr. Wallitner is also on the EDC (Economic Development Council) board of directors, a private corporation receiving large sums of taxpayer funds without competitive bidding or effective oversight from none other than the votes of elected officials such as Mr. Wallitner and Jay Hupp. Mr. Taylor’s anticipated independence from this kind of influence and circular arrangement can be justly questioned. Another is the Olympia Building Trades (a non-local union organization imported by Matt Matayoshi (EDC CEO) to offer testimony before ORCAA in support of the Adage project) to the tune of $300. John Dobson, executive director at the Port of Shelton, weighed in with $250.00, Fred Finn donated another $250.00, Jack Krause, $150.00, Rick Hoss, esq. for Adage contributed $200.00, Commissioner Jay Hupp, $100.00, Jay’s wife, Diana Hupp, $100.00, Jeff Farrington from Kapowsin Sports, $100.00, Kevin Cronquest (a local chamber member), $100.00, Richard Adamson (retired Court Commissioner who denied a petition for a protection order restraining John Dobson), $100.00, Patti Tupper (Chamber Member), $50.00, PUD#3 Commissioner Linda Gott, $50.00, PUD#3 Commissioner Bruce Jorgenson, $25.00, PUD#3’s Wyla Wood, $50.00, and ‘Green’ Diamond’s Patti Case for $30.00.

Acting as Dick Taylor’s campaign treasurer is Mr. Gerry Ring-Erickson, who assisted in writing current ORCAA standards for permitting air pollution and is the husband of County Commissioner Lynda Ring-Erickson. This cast of characters supporting Mr. Taylor’s candidacy appears to all be cut from the same warp & weave–all who donated to Dick Taylor’s campaign coincidentally supported the Adage proposal to destroy this community and its environment. Virtually all of these oligarchs sit either on the EDC Board or the Chamber Board. They aligned themselves, along with Dick Taylor in the Citizens for a Prosperious Mason County, created to ramrod the Adage project home. Now they hope to see Dick Taylor win this election, defeating the hard work, money, and countless hours you spent in educating your friends & neighbors about the irremedially harmful destruction and pollution Adage would have produced, the future health problems this community would have faced. These hard fought gains will all be wasted if Dick Taylor is elected as Port Commissioner. I’ve discovered at least two meetings have since taken place with John Dobson to bring in a successor company to replace the ill fated Adage with yet another Biomass proposal.

Time is short. My thoughts are this: I am holding a campaign meeting the weekend following Labor Day weekend. If you’d be interested in attending, please e-mail me (jackbroadcaster13@yahoo.com) and I will e-mail you a time, date and location.

IT’S TIME TO STEP UP AND STEP IT UP! ARE YOU WITH ME? Please help me continue to help the community.


Jack Miles

(Admin Note: The above was edited for content, length, and syntax.)

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