Daniel Alan Dunn & Christopher Redfern Arrested for Homicide

5-28-15 Mason County Jail Roster includes:

(Mason County Superior Court Case #:15-1-00243-1)

Name:Dunn, Daniel Alan (dob:2-17-80), 
                   131 NE Bear Ridge Rd, Belfair, WA 98528
    Statute         Offense               Court Offense  Class
    --------------- ------------------------------ ----- --------
  9A.32.030       Homicide                SUPR   HOMI     FA
  9A.52.020       Burglary, Resident,     SUPR   BRUE     FA
                  Unlawf Ent

Daniel Alan Dunn


Daniel Alan Dunn & Co.

DanielADunnmapcrp DanielADunnmap2crp

Name: Redfern, Christopher Glen (dob: 11-6-87)
1028 SW View Dr, Port Orchard, WA 98367
Statute       Offense                            Court   Offense Class
————— —————————- —– ——-
9A.32.030 Homicide                     SUPR   HOMI   FA
9A.52.020 Burglary, Resident,       SUPR   BRUE    FA
Unlawf Ent


Christopher Glen Redfern of Port Orchard, WA


Christopher Glen Redfern


Christopher Glen Redfern


Christopher Glen Redfern


Christopher Glen Redfern


Christopher Glen Redfern

Belfair, WA (5-28-15) — The Mason County Sheriff’s Office has identified two suspects who were arrested after 51-year-old Charles Albion Austin (dob:7-22-63; originally from Manchester, NH) was found dead in his home near Belfair, WA.

The suspects, 27-year-old Christopher Glen Redfern of Port Orchard and 35-year-old Daniel Alan Dunn, are in Mason County Jail for investigation of murder and burglary. Superior Court Judge Toni Sheldon set bail at $1,000,000 for the suspect(s).

Neighbors who checked on Austin found him dead in his home on Monday afternoon. He died of a gunshot wound.

Sheriff’s detective William Adam said Thursday that detectives who searched the victim’s home (located between Tahuya and Belfair) found clues that led them to the suspects. Detectives aren’t sure when the death occurred, but believe it happened sometime last weekend, according to Ryan Spurling, chief deputy with the Sheriff’s office. Investigators were called Monday to Belfair View Estates near NE Hurd Rd. (150 NE Southridge Rd, Belfair, WA 98528-7733)

Authorities have labored since Monday after determining the death was suspicious, according to Spurling. Although the department would not disclose the name of the victim or suspect(s) to the Shelton Journal, other media sources were able to ferret out the names of the suspects and victim.

Initially, the Mason County Coroner had difficulty identifying the victim, Spurling said, because the body was so disfigured. Detectives believe they may have another possible suspect connected to the case.

One man was arrested Wednesday morning when deputies served a warrant on a residence in Mason County.

The second suspect was arrested later in the day in Kitsap County, Spurling said.


150 NE Southridge Rd, Belfair, WA 98528-7733


150 NE Southridge Rd, Belfair, WA 98528-7733


150 NE Southridge Rd, Belfair, WA 98528-7733

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