Oly’s Tenderloin Street Crime, Beatings: Business as Usual?


Olympia, WA (5-26-15) — After an evening full of heartfelt grievances voiced at the Olympia City Council meeting, Tuesday, over the shooting of two young black men, a search for a reputed broken window on 4th Ave was conducted and located at one of the tattoo shops on that street nearby. It had been boarded up with plywood, but one Oly LEO explained it had been the result of a domestic dispute and was unrelated to the demonstrations protesting the recent shooting of 2 young black males for an alleged shoplifting incident at the West side Safeway grocery store. The photos and reporting for that controversy can be found in a preceding article published here. Those who want more police action to reduce street crime in the community see themselves defending their officers from the criticisms of those who believe the tactics the Oly police employ are excessively violent and counter-productive.

After a beat down was observed on 4th Ave that evening, the police (when they arrived minutes later, only to find “no witnesses, including the victim”) were asked where their vaunted foot patrol was when this happened. They’d arrived by van and replied, “Well, we’re here now!”


King Solomon’s Reef welcoming committee?


Perpetrator well known to the Oly PD.

This report is about the danger and inhospitable lawless atmosphere found in Olympia’s Tenderloin district–on 4th Ave between City Hall and Capitol Blvd…especially near the taverns and alcohol retailers near the Artesian City Park. There’s an active and varied black market well attended after dark despite new foot patrols there by Olympia’s Police Dept. Prostitution, drug addiction/sales, theft, car prowls, vandalism, robbery, brawls and stabbings are common there. The area is littered with hypodermic needles and Heroin is said to be cheaper than marijuna on the streets of Olympia. On every occasion, when this reporter has ventured into that area, camera in tow on the public sidewalk, its possession has been challenged with suspicion and hostility…as though certain denizens found there have appropriated the commons for their own business/personal agenda.


Brutal Beat Down in front of King Solomon’s Reef on 4th Ave


The man being pummeled was heard to exclaim, “Let go of me!”

So it was after returning from a walk to the aforementioned broken window that a brutal sidewalk brawl in front of King Solomon’s Reef was seen about 10:00 p.m. that evening on a crowded sidewalk with dozens of onlookers/witnesses. Nobody made any move to stop or break up the fight which consisted of one man (reportedly well known to the police) beating another to the pavement with his fists and pounding him repeatedly in the face and head for about 1 – 2 minutes before fleeing the scene through the door to upstairs apartments located at 213 4th Ave above the food vendor shops lining the sidewalk.


The extent of the injuries sustained by this victim are unknown, but must have been substantial given the number of blows he received.

IMGP6000crp IMGP5999crp IMGP5998crp IMGP5997crp

When the police arrived on the scene some minutes later, they were unable to locate any witnesses to the crime including the victim. It was said this is often the case when the violence is over a drug deal gone bad as neither party wants the police to know just what they were doing or what prompted the dispute. The display of violence certainly gave credibility to the complaints of many Olympia residents not feeling safe in that section of the city, thus discouraging them from shopping there. The vibes on the street at that hour toward ‘normal’ members of the community are negative and hostile. It’s believed this is inspired by the paranoia living outside the law brings with it. Drug deals are arranged or consummated in the taverns or in the upstairs apartments nearby. The bar owners have an easy opportunity to profit from these circumstances as a tavern easily obscures just who is up to what. Many local drug pushers use them as their ‘office’, and vet those who aren’t regulars and look like they may not ‘belong’. The sight of a member of the ‘press’ with a camera typically provokes panic/suspicion and hostility. It is NOT a safe environment for the police, the public, or even the criminal element. The Oly PD and City Council have their work cut out for them.


The door through which the assailant fled immediately after administering the beating seen in the photos published here.

IMGP6004 IMGP6003 IMGP6002 IMGP6001 IMGP6000 IMGP5999 IMGP5998 IMGP5997 IMGP5996

The photos published here are intended to alert the public and expose those violent street criminals that endanger residents while destroying the community.

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3 Responses to Oly’s Tenderloin Street Crime, Beatings: Business as Usual?

  1. Leslie Sirag says:

    This beating appears to have gone on for quite some time, but I note that the photographer took extensive photos apparently unmolested. While I agree that this is not what we want to see on Oly’s streets, it really doesn’t seem to have been dangerous to anyone but the person being beaten. I don’t discount the possibility of robbery downtown, especially of someone walking alone who looks both prosperous and vulnerable, but, having lived in the seamier parts of NYC, Oakland, CA,, &, recently, the San Miguelito area of Panama City, Panama, my perception of Oly is that, while it has its problems, it’s not an especially scary city.

  2. admin says:

    David Fawver (‘long haired David’ recently hospitalized after being assaulted on the same street in the same block reported above; http://amicuscuria.com/wordpress/?p=16106) says:

    “I’m so glad there used be a lot of needles in our streets otherwise ignorant fucks like you would not even know yes we have a drug problem here in Olympia, if people half there energy into stopping the Mecan mafia from dump trucking loads of drugs in our community we start to slow down the problem but so far you can’t see past the end of your tinny little dick ass wipe. I don’t like you and you are absolutely right your not safe cumming into my back yard you water headed maggot! i have no word for you, none!”

    [David refused to testify against his assailant despite being hospitalized w/serious injuries. David provides (or did) free clean needles to area residents as a service to the community. Reportedly, he also served a 10 year sentence in a federal prison on drug related RICO charges.]




    Name Court Case Number Judgment Record Court Information
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    Defendant Kitsap District 96-003211 11-20-1996
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    DEFENDANT Kitsap Superior 91-2-02351-6 10-30-1991
    4 Fawver, David
    DEFENDANT Kitsap Superior 97-2-00223-2 Available 01-22-1997
    5 Fawver, David A
    DEFENDANT Kitsap Superior 90-1-00001-8 01-02-1990
    6 Fawver, David A
    DEFENDANT Kitsap Superior 89-1-00861-9 Available 12-29-1989
    7 Fawver, David A
    DEFENDANT Kitsap Superior 88-2-02312-5 12-19-1988
    8 Fawver, David A
    DEFENDANT Mason Co Superior Ct 89-1-00208-6 11-29-1989
    9 Fawver, David Andrew
    PETITIONER Kitsap Superior 82-3-00835-0 Available 06-21-1982
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    Defendant Olympia Municipal Ct CR0209103 06-11-2008
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    DEFENDANT Thurston Superior 04-1-00343-5 Available 05-27-2004
    13 Fawver, David Andrew
    Defendant Olympia Municipal Ct CR0173719 05-07-1997
    14 Fawver, David Andrew
    Defendant Olympia Municipal Ct CR0185978 08-07-2000
    15 Fawver, David Andrew
    Defendant Olympia Municipal Ct CR0208905 06-10-2008
    16 Fawver, David Andrew
    Defendant Olympia Municipal Ct 4Z1050141 12-17-2014
    17 Fawver, David Andrew
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    Defendant Olympia Municipal Ct CR0192681 10-08-2002
    20 Fawver, David Andrew
    Defendant Olympia Municipal Ct CR0209102 06-11-2008

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