Jenn K(a)plan, esq. @ TESC 10-20-12 ‘Know Your Rights’

Jenn Kaplan is a Seattle Attorney who has worked closely with federal Grand Jury resisters jailed for refusing to speak about their friends/associates. Though charged with no crime and granted immunity, these young people (Leah, Matt, and Kteeo) were apparently targeted for holding (A)narchist ideologies. When they remained silent before a Seattle federal Grand Jury, they were imprisoned indefinitely for contempt.

Jenn Kaplan covers the basics through the use of mock police grilling and warnings to the unwary as to how disingenuous, but dangerous, law enforcement officials are when questioning persons of interest/suspects. Kaplan exudes contempt for the unethical practices common in our militarized police agencies today.

This workshop/lecture is well worth listening to even if you’re familiar with the wisdom of saying nothing in such encounters. It serves as a reminder of the legally perilous times in which we live. Ms. Kaplan gives every appearance of being the kind of attorney a defendant wants in their corner.

Jenn Kaplan, esq. @ TESC 10-20-12 KNOW YOUR RIGHTS (1/3)

Jenn Kaplan, esq. @ TESC 10-20-12 KNOW YOUR RIGHTS (2/3)

Jenn Kaplan, esq. @ TESC 10-20-12 KNOW YOUR RIGHTS (3/3)

Don’t Talk to Police

A law school professor and former criminal defense attorney tells why you should never agree to be ‘interviewed’ by the police.

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