Mason Co. Deputy Shoots Harassment Suspect’s Hand

Mason Co, WA (2-20-14 10:39 a.m.) — The suspect, Peter Jamie Ross, 50, of the 200 block of SE Channel Point Road.  Mr. Ross was booked into the county jail for suspicion of harassment on Thursday evening after initially being taken to the Mason General Hospital, then to the Seattle Harborview trauma center. Officials said the gunshot wound was not life threatening.

A woman living in the 4600 block of SE Arcadia Road, called Mason County Sheriff’s deputies because she heard what sounded like two men in the woods behind her property, yelling at each other, and said she heard a man yell, “I’m gonna kill you”.

When deputies responded to the area, they found a 50 year old white male in the back yard area in the 200 block of SE Channel Point Road of rural Mason County, about 6 miles east of Shelton.

Unrelated Burglary Suspect 50-year-old Blaine William “Billy” Whitehead

Deputies say the suspect was moving back and forth between trees pointing an ‘object’ at them. They allege, after ordering the man several times to drop what was in his hands, one shot him, striking his hand and causing him to drop what he’d been holding and continuing to point at the officers. The ‘object’ has not been found/identified at this time.

A multi-jurisdictional team made up of Officers and Deputies from surrounding law enforcement agencies are conducting an investigation. None of the deputies involved were injured, according to a sheriff’s office spokesman.

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