Lacey, WA State Medical Pot Hearing Becomes Heated

LACEY, Wash. – Hundreds of people filled an auditorium Wednesday night to hear new recommendations about medical marijuana.

Kristi Weeks with the Department of Health discussed the proposals.
Read draft recommendations

“Home grown marijuana is no longer necessary,” said Weeks.

As she went on to address other recommendations, like eliminating collective gardens and establishing a registry maintained by the Department of Health, her comments were not well received.

Casey Young was upset about the recommendation to limit medical marijuana possession amounts to three ounces.

“Three ounces is nothing,” said Young. “We really don’t like your recommendations.”

Another man stood up and said, “we are chronically ill here. We are sorry that is inconvenient for you and that’s inefficient, but we don’t want to be apart of your profit making scheme.”

The Washington State Liquor Control Board said the comments will be considered before the board brings final recommendations to the Legislature by January 1.

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