Video Exonerates Man from False Felony Arrest in Tennessee

SI0AX comments: [lame daughter explanation]

“I had to play the video twice and Google ‘civil standby’ to understand what happened.

It turns out the daughter had witnessed her parent’s divorce or something (maybe domestic violence). So, she and her mom move out without getting their things. Her mom sends her daughter to go get their stuff. She goes to her dad’s house (the home owner).

Her mom recommends a ‘civil service’ which is where a police officer stands by to insure people make a deal in getting their stuff back without violence.

It turns out the daughter didn’t make her presence known (she wanted to avoid her dad). So the officer (Hull) walks right into the house and the daughter’s dad (home owner Earl Lewis) is like “Why are you here?” Officer Hull is like “No reason”.

The officer then sees the Earl’s gun and tries to arrest him. Earl had a roommate living with him (Danny). So Danny sees this and starts video recording, making Officer Hull start playing it cool, who then tells him why he is there (‘civil standby’ for Earl’s daughter,  Amanda). Officer Hull calls backup. Deputy Kenneth Brown responds.

A month later, Earl goes to pickup his daughter, Amanda, who is living with her mom in another house (owned by a guy named Nick Jackson). As it turns out, Amanda is not there.

Earl’s ex-wife, p*ssed off, tells him to leave, which in turn p*sses off Nick (it seems likely the ex-wife is now dating the homeowner, Nick.) Nick gets p*ssed off at Earl (possibly because he knows he is her ex and that she talked sh*t about him.)

Then Nick gets a ‘heart attack’. The ex-wife calls 911; Deputy Kenneth Brown responds, like last time. Brown is p*ssed off at Earl recording (he recalls how Officer Hull was recorded last time). Then, after Nick’s ‘heart attack’ goes away, he gets even more p*ssed off at Earl video recording and attacks him.

Immediately, Deputy Kenneth and Nick “team up” against Earl. Deputy Kenneth arrests him while Nick kicks him in the face (Deputy Kenneth doesn’t mind, of course, ‘cuz he is also p*ssed off at Earl and it is revenge for the last recording.

They charge Earl for “assaulting” Deputy Kenneth and Nick.

I don’t know if I understood correctly though. A lot of stuff I put is speculation to help make this less difficult to understand. Earl doesn’t seem like a violent person unlike Deputy Kenneth and Nick.”

Sonny Free responds:

“All charges were dropped against the thug deputy by the DA’s office and he is still a deputy being a thug and throwing his weight around. That’s the problem in TN. Sheriffs and police chiefs are afraid of their own men and women they hire. No sheriff in TN will stand up against his own deputies because of fear of what they will do. It has always been that way. Remember, sheriffs are elected by the people and deputies are hired; a chief is appointed and city cops are hired. So, the Indians have the power and the chiefs have none. This deputy’s boss probably wanted to fire him but out of fear [or the police guild] he wouldn’t and the deputies know that. So, he will continue to be a thug, IMO.”

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2 Responses to Video Exonerates Man from False Felony Arrest in Tennessee

  1. Joy Leaf says:

    Umm, Amanda Givens is the daughter of Danny Givens not Earl Lewis and Lewis was never married to the seeming harpy, Amanda’s mother. From a news account “Lewis lived in Dickson with Danny Givens and Givens’ daughter, Amanda Givens. She moved out, but when she decided to come back for her things a month later, Amanda Givens’ mother asked her to get a ‘civil standby,’ in which an officer stands by to make sure nothing happens. The request was made allegedly due to Earl Lewis having unwanted romantic notions toward Amanda Givens.

    There had never been a single domestic call to the home, and in fact, the three who lived there say they were, and still are, close friends.”

    But thank you for the update. I had trouble finding one.

  2. Chuck says:

    Earl is a long time very good friend of mine. And I know the “full” story surrounding this.

    You’ve probably seen this Nashville, TN, news report of the initial situation … but here it is again (and I’ve had almost 3,000,000 views of it from my YouTube Channel):

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