Recipes For Disaster

The link provided here is lengthy (~688 pages) but especially topical now about security (ours) and you can assist. The thought police are on a tear–deleting essays and any material objectionable in their eyes wholesale.
What with Youtube, government, the thought police and a host of others cracking down on free speech/radical ideas, we must be concerned about the security of our documents –this one in particular.  (Recipes For Disaster) It’s not that we should agree with everything in it, but some of it is well taken.  Do you have a librarian’s ethic?  We need not agree with a manifesto or essay to preserve it.
The best way to prevent a work from being destroyed by forces hostile to it is by distributing it.  That’s running against the grain just now in a climate of censorship across the political spectrum.
It’s been reformatted down to ~25.3Mb in Adobe format.  It should be distributed as widely as possible for the purpose of preserving it.  It’s worth the effort.  Your thoughts?
Recipes for Disaster Cookbook

Recipes For Disaster

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