No Good Deed Shall Go Unpunished in Thurston County

Thurston Prosecutor Charges Man w/Felony: Accommodating Disabled Mom

Thurston Prosecutor Counsels Juvenile Probation Officer, Sara Dotson & Det. Roland Weiss (360-754-2894.)


Sara Rolstad/Joann Dotson (dob:11-21-61) 2833 TIMBER DR SE, Lacey

Amy cannot remember the fatal crash that October 25, 1999 on/near the Hood Canal bridge. Her passenger and boyfriend, Drew, was DOA after being airlifted to the Harborview regional trauma center in Seattle. Amy survived, but barely.

After a week in a coma and 2 months in the hospital, Amy was left with many months of hard work at rehabilitation, amnesia from 2 weeks before & after the accident, partial retina detachment, loss of feeling in one leg, balance, and short term memory. Transient Global Amnesia, they called it.

Amy learned how to walk again, eat without choking, read, write, dress herself, and slowly resume her life. Sometime during all this, she contracted a chronic often fatal auto-immune disease, Crohn’s.

The good news is a hard working Thurston County programmer, Dick Cunningham, fell in love with Amy and helped nurse her back to health in the aftermath of the collision. They married. they had a child, Lily, now 6 years old. They felt compassion for a girl, Christina, who had the bad luck to be bounced from home to home because her single mother beset with personal problems was unable to care for her. Dick and Amy adopted Christina at 11. Today, Christina is 17.

The bad news is, Dick contracted cancer and died from it about 4 years ago…a slow painful form. Heroically, Dick hung on until he had the 30 year minimum vested to provide for his young wife and 2 children, Lily and Christina. He willed himself to live for 24 hours more than the 30 year threshold his Thurston County Employee Pension Plan required. 24 hours later, his adopted daughter was stealing money from the dead man’s wallet.

Christina had a recurrent problem stealing from neighbors and her own parents, lying, and bridling under her widowed adoptive mother’s authority. When disciplined for her shortcomings, she’d tell tearful tales to neighbors and friends about how she suffered under her mother’s ‘abuse’. Christina didn’t include the details, how she’d lie and steal, have friends impersonate her mother to school authorities for absenting herself from classes, or how she calculated her mother’s loss of short term memory would allow her to steal money from the household undetected.

But that was all small change. Christina conceived of bigger plans. She’d ask the local (Olympia) Social Security office to pay HER the Title II benefit money based on her dead father’s earnings…all without telling her mother and after running away from a distraught tearful mother imploring her to stay. “F*** off! There’s nothing you can do about it,” she retorted.

No Good Deed Shall Go Unpunished in Thurston County #11-1-01711-1

Social Security heard another tale from the child’s lips. “She kicked me out of the home,” the teenager lied. Amy was hard pressed, financially. Raising two children on her own, struggling to complete pre-nursing college classes despite her injuries, and managing a recalcitrant teen was a strain…one that could kill her if the stress caused her remission from Crohn’s disease to falter.

Amy called an old family friend, the father of her best friend and schoolmate when she was a child. She knew the man as a paralegal who helped those with no attorney. He had watched her grow up and knew of her trials as a disabled widow. As a young parent, she had no idea of her rights or where to turn after being notified by the SSA they were diverting payments from her as a ‘representative payee’ to the runaway child herself based on that child’s misrepresentations. In effect, the SSA local Olympia office was offering to fund the child’s incorrigibility and runaway status.

Amy described how Christina had been working as a live-in nanny for April and Oliver Doss, babysitting their 9-year old son full time, 40/week at a stipend of ~$300/mo. with $80/mo. deducted for her use of their cell phone and something like ~$100/mo. for room & board. This was a sharp contrast for a child who complained of chores and the burden of watching her younger sister, Lily, perhaps 5 hours/week. The inability to perform simple moral arithmetic ran in Christina’s biological family.

Amy was distraught, having no idea what to do when she called her old friend, a man she’d known most of her life. He counseled the Doss family was harboring a runaway without her permission. Amy was nervous. She favored negotiating with April and Oliver Doss…giving them time to comply with her demand to return her child or at least not harbor her…perhaps a week, she suggested. “No,” her old friend replied. “You don’t ASK/NEGOTIATE for what is YOURS. You TAKE it!” He continued, “You should demand the child be returned immediately, today!”  “Do you want me to call them and explain your position while you listen to the call?” he asked. “Yes,” she answered.

April Doss: OneMain Finance mgr, home wrecker & naive young mother in her early 30’s gulled by Christina

The man connected the 3-way call to Amy and the Doss residence…a house a relatively short distance from Christina’s home. He introduced himself to April Doss, gave her contact information on how to reach him, and summarized the current situation. April protested Christina stayed at their home with Amy’s consent. The man discarded the disputed remark as irrelevant to what was at hand. “Regardless, you do NOT have her mother’s permission to harbor the child NOW!” he emphasized. “You can’t make the child do anything and you aren’t required to transport her, but if she spends one more night under your roof, a custodial interference complaint will be lodged.” April & Oliver Doss returned Christina that evening, 9-3-11, in time for enrollment to complete her senior year at Timberline High School.

Oh, but how sharper than a serpent’s tooth:  Amy hired a family counselor to try to reconcile the family tensions. After a few sessions, the counselor began to hint Amy might be better off letting the child go her own way. “You’re doing all this to hurt your mother, aren’t you?” the counselor asked the child. “Yes,” Christina acknowledged in her mother’s presence. And Christina had more surprises in store…plans hatched with the contrivance of the Doss couple and Sara Dotson, a juvenile probation officer who had worked for over 15 years at the Thurston County Family & Juvenile Courthouse. Christina had one of her young friends serve her mother with a Petition for Emancipation notice of hearing–but no petition as required by law. Christina was dead set on hijacking the payments Amy had depended on to support her 2 children while attending pre-nursing classes.

The Blanchards bought the child’s BS, destroyed their rapport with Amy, their neighbor

Amy alerted her old friend to this new development. The emancipation hearing was scheduled before Commissioner Thomas on 9-27-11. She sent the man the papers she’d received. “But the service is defective and incomplete,” he noted.  “You should contest the petition and demand proper notice/service,” he suggested.  Amy asked if he would accompany her on that day to the courthouse and testify given how well he knew all the parties. He agreed and offered to accommodate Amy because, in working with her intensely over the previous days, he’d noted how difficult/impossible it was for her to remember what he’d just said as he labored to train her how, in preparation for the ensuing litigation/hearings, to use her PC, scanner, word processor, and spread sheet software.

The Blanchards grimace & ignore camera in courthouse hallway

Dozens, if not hundreds of hours later, the big event came. Christina had someone impersonate Amy to be excused from her classes.  She might have simply explained to school authorities she had a court appearance, but old habits are more convenient.

Marquez bans Good Samaritan from Courthouse upon Sara Dotson’s directions

Upon entering the Courthouse, security guard Marquez appeared alarmed over the man’s camera and recording equipment he carried. The man stated he’d been called to testify and accommodate a litigant. He asked in what courtroom Commissioner Thomas was presiding. The man was cautioned about taking pictures in the courtroom without the judge’s permission.

Marquez immediately alerted, not Commissioner Thomas, but Sara Dotson, the juvenile probation officer who had coached Christina on wording her petition. On a later day, Sara groused to Amy how Christina hadn’t worded the petition per her instructions.  As a probation officer, Sara was accustomed to having her orders obeyed.

Morgan sneers at request for written instruction/justification of courthouse ban

Amy’s old friend was worried about her when he accepted the request to accompany, accommodate, and testify on her behalf. He knew from personal experience of egregious family destroying injustice handed out in that Thurston facility. His fears proved tame as events unwound.

Christina Cunningham, emancipated teenager as ordered by Commissioner Thomas

Amy downloaded a color photo of Christina and her friends holding opened beer cans while mugging for the camera in their vehicle. Amy had only just printed it out the previous night before handing it to the man while she waited for her case to be called in Commissioner Thomas’ courtroom. The photo weighed heavily against a rebellious teenager who was not employed yet but was insisting she be recognized by the Court as an independent, mature, self supporting teen deserving of being reclassified as ’emancipated’.

Knowing court rules required all parties be furnished with copies of what was to be submitted as evidence, Amy’s friend quickly took advantage of a Xerox machine in the courtroom hallway outside. He copied the photo and handed it to Christine upon returning to sit beside the teen’s mother. The child looked gob smacked and agitated when handed the picture. Not only was she displaying her indifference to laws regarding teen drinking while mugging for the camera, she had published it for the world to see…ironically, arguing she was a responsible adult capable of managing her own affairs without supervision, supporting herself. The fact she envisioned meeting this assertion by remaining unemployed and utilizing a government SSA handout intended for DEPENDENT children somehow escaped Commissioner Thomas’ notice. Nor were Christina’s plans to spin out her High School graduation date until she was 19 in order to remain a ‘dependent child’ receiving Social Security benefits under Title II based on her dead father’s earnings explored by the Court. Amy’s parental rights were to be terminated, without a lawyer, without accommodation, and without a scintilla of due process.

Security Supervisor Morgan interferes with gathering evidence of civil rights violation

Thomas directed the mother and child speak to Sara Dotson, the juvenile probation officer who had inserted herself into the matter even before it was filed…possibly long before.  The first person Sara took into her office was her description of a weeping stricken teenager frustrated with the continuance ordered and the photographic evidence handed her minutes before.

Oliver Doss stares at the camera in hallway after refusing to provide a contact phone #

The man hadn’t heard what Commissioner Thomas said to the parties, but thought it was important given the continuance. “Amy, what did the Commissioner say to you, I couldn’t hear it?” he asked. “I don’t remember,” Amy replied. It hadn’t been 5 minutes earlier. “Amy, it’s important to remember what the Commissioner said, I thought I heard her grant a continuance. What date did she set for it?” he continued. “I don’t remember,” Amy responded.  It was as clear as ever, Amy was at a distinct disadvantage with her disability in her capacity as a pro se party in this matter. She’d asked for a court appointed attorney given her parental rights were at risk (and ultimately lost) of being terminated. The court refused to rule on the request and at a subsequent hearing when the request was repeated, each time in a formal motion for the relief and accommodation.

Oliver Doss waits in Court Hallway while Christina & Dotson confer on how to terminate Amy’s parental rights

Dotson emerged from her lair, confident she was in charge over her domain where she had worked for more than 15 years as a law enforcement officer accustomed to ordering others about without challenge. She beckoned to Amy to follow her. Amy’s longtime friend rose to protect, accompany, and accommodate her, knowing any discussion between the two women would be adversarial in nature and Amy had a spotty short term memory.

Sara Dotson, juvenile probation officer, calls court security to have Good Samaritan evicted

“Not you,” barked Dotson as the man stood beside Amy in the Courthouse public hallway before a door adjoining it to a suite of offices not normally available to the public. The man remonstrated with Dotson, attempting to explain Amy’s need for accommodation and why. He was repeatedly cut off by Dotson before he could complete a sentence. “Get out of my face!” she snorted. Amy began to protest, telling Dotson she indeed needed and wanted the man with her. “No,” Dotson repeated.

The man offered Amy his audio recorder so she could recollect what was said later. He understood Dotson likely wanted no evidence or witnesses. Dotson wanted to intimidate Amy privately. “No,” Dotson ordered while closing the door on Amy, thereby separating her from the accommodation she had brought. Dotson stepped around the man to summon security to evict him. She walked toward the 2nd floor stairwell banister to call Marquez. Dotson looked furious.  The man took out his camera and snapped two photos of the back of Sara Dotson’s head. Marquez escorted the man from the facility and orally instructed him he was banned from the facility. When he asked her and her supervisor (Morgan) for a written directive or basis for it, they sneered they weren’t required to do so.

Sara Dotson, juvenile probation officer, & her agent (Weiss) circulate Good Samaritan’s driver’s license photo & info among courthouse employees

Having just witnessed the coordinated efforts of several courthouse employees to reject accommodation of Amy by her friend, the disturbing news he had just been denied a fundamental liberty interest in access to the courts was disconcerting.  Her aid knew of the federal ADA (Americans w/Disabilities Act) as a recent bulwark against just this kind of discrimination against the handicapped AND those seen as related to or in association with them!

Christina was not going to be denied. She ran away from home again that very night, 9-27-11.  Amy filed a runaway report with the Lacey PD. Christina returned to the Doss household where they harbored her even after being warned against it.

Christina runs away again to live w/her new ‘mom’ & ‘dad’–April & Oliver Doss

In consultation with her friends, officials, and new benefactors, Christina filed yet another (and contradictory) petition known as a CHINS (Child In Need of Services). She was telling the court she simultaneously was independent, self supporting, and mature enough to take care of herself while managing her own affairs but was a dependent child in crisis in need of services from the State of Washington at her mother’s expense. But THAT was the point: to bully her mother with the prospect of bankrupting her given such services would easily run in excess of $65/day..something Amy could scarce afford.

April & Oliver Doss harbor runaway after warning and Lacey PD report.

No matter, ultimately Commissioner Thomas ruled she saw no reason why the child shouldn’t be emancipated. When Amy protested this amounted to her parental rights being extinguished without so much as an attorney to represent & accommodate her, Commissioner Thomas gratuitously exclaimed from the bench, “But you can still be her mother!

After totally trashing Amy’s family and without comment or acknowledging the impact on Christina’s younger sister, Lily, this Commissioner witlessly opined about something of which she knew little or nothing.  Amy needed time to grieve. She’d cried piteously during a number of phone conversations with her paternalistic friend. “I don’t want to fight with my daughter,” she wept.

Amy and her friend discussed options for appeal or collateral civil lawsuits for damages. Christina had begun referring to April and Oliver Doss as ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ on her facebook page–an ill fated obvious thumb in her mother’s eye

The tort of alienation of affections (involving children) continues to be available in law in Washington State. This had all been very stressful for Amy and her friend. That stress could exacerbate Amy’s auto-immune disease and ultimately kill her while the prospects of success of an appeal remained uncertain and expensive.

Was the cake worth the candle, or Christina?  Amy decided no.  It was easily her decision and hers alone. A spiteful, lying, thieving, malicious child, painful as it was to accept, wasn’t worth the cost combined with the emotional and spiritual damage already done with more in store…and the risk to Lily, her 6 year old who Heather Reid, a DSHS Children’s Services worker, had threatened while interrogating Amy.

Sara Dotson had been relieved of her assignment to Amy’s case by her boss, Mike Fenton, the Juvenile Court Administrator, after receiving a complaint from Amy’s benefactor, increasing Dotson’s smoldering resentment. Now, Amy was being threatened by Heather Reid, a DSHS social worker for the Children’s Administration assigned to replace Dotson in Amy’s case.

After stripping Amy (yet again) of accommodation by her mother at a subsequent court appearance, Heather embarked on a 60 minute interrogation of Amy–asking if she and her old family friend were lovers, asking how often he visited her home, asking repeatedly if they had slept together. She spent the majority of her time asking about this man rather than discussing Amy’s child. Finally she inquired into whether Amy would cooperate in having the man banned from Amy’s home although Amy had just stated the frequency of his visits was possibly 2/year.

After Amy rejected Heather’s suggestion out of hand, Reid resorted to criminal conduct having failed to successfully bully Amy by other means. “You know, ” she intimated, “If the State takes [in the CHINS petition] Christina from you, we’d have to scrutinize the issue of whether to leave Lily with you very closely.”  

Amy instantly recognized the threat, as it was intended. She was terrified. The threat became moot when Commissioner Thomas vacuously summarily emancipated Christina. Christina returned to the Doss household, calling her new objects of manipulation ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ while calculating how best to spin out her eligibility as a ‘dependent’ child on the Social Security Title II dole. $1300/mo. for the adopted child from Hell wasn’t bad…all on Uncle Sam’s dime with her little sister, Lily, and Amy effectively paying child support to this judicially created independent ‘adult’ from a fixed sum that otherwise would be distributed to the remaining truly dependent 6 year old child and her disabled mother.

Heather Reid, the DSHS Children’s Services worker, like Sara Dotson, had restricted & stripped Amy of accommodation on this occasion for a powerful reason–so no witnesses to her illegal conduct would exist. Criminals are smart enough to plan their crimes with no witnesses to testify to the bad acts. Heather was no exception.

As bad as this all was, the other shoe hadn’t dropped. Sara Dotson and court security guard Morgan/Drewett summoned Detective Weiss to complain about Amy’s aid.  Weiss promised Dotson before  beginning his investigation, he’d make sure the man was arrested and prosecuted. Had he and Dotson been lovers? Would Heather Reid have asked? What was the nature and length of their relationship; why the cronyism? Was it simply more badged thugs rallying?


NOTE: The redacted article included here as commentary is for the purpose of helping the public to be aware of the corruption and incompetence in our public sector embodied by Heather Reid as described above. A summary of that article including Reid’s working environment and MO follows:

The Providence St. Peter Sexual Assault Clinic in Olympia is the place where children come to be evaluated after a reported abuse as well as receive counseling services.

“It’s a real need in our community. We’re the go-to place for five counties and I’m the only pediatrician here,” Dr. Deborah Hall said.

In her 20 years with the clinic, Hall has witnessed the aftermath of horrific abuse.

“We’ve seen young infants who have been viciously sexually assaulted. Most kids we see are toddlers to mid-teens,” she said.

For children who are old enough to describe what happened to them, the clinic team works hand-in-hand with law enforcement and prosecutors.

“When you see a guilty verdict based on the child’s testimony, it’s like our whole team has succeeded and gotten somebody off the street that’s not safe to be around our kids,” Hall said.

The clinic launched a new awareness campaign called “Darkness to Light,” that trains people in the community to recognize signs of sexual abuse.

“The message I always try to get across is you don’t have to know for sure if a child is being abused. You just have to have the suspicion,” Heather Reid said. […Oh, Really?! Reid’s conviction, no doubt, led her to bully and threaten a handicapped young mother (Amy) as outlined above, spending the better part of an hour falsely accusing her of having sexual relations with Amy’s paralegal benefactor and good Samaritan while arrogantly threatening to take away Amy’s young daughter if she didn’t play ball with Reid. Amy was so frightened and intimidated, she folded and agreed to throw her friend under the bus. Such is the corruption and incompetence rife in what Thurston County chooses to call it’s ‘justice’ system and ‘family’ court. Now THAT’s chutzpah!”]



Reid is a medical social worker and interviews children and parents at the clinic. The meetings can be extremely difficult.

“What typically happens is the child goes into the medical interview and they come in here with me and fall apart. They blame themselves and wish they would have seen things differently,” Reid said.

She feels it’s critical for everyone in the community to be aware of the warning signs.

“They may start being angry and acting out in ways that don’t make sense. Their school performance may suddenly plummet and they may become very withdrawn,” said Dr. Hall.

Victims can also become anxious and not want to be alone.  Helping these children get through this tough time is this clinic’s core mission.

“When we see a kid go through the process here and they feel better afterwards we feel like it’s all worth it.  It’s a big part of their healing when they’re listened to and taken seriously and protected,” Hall said.

Funding for the clinic comes primarily from Providence St. Peter Hospital with additional funds coming from the state.


Dotson knew the ropes. She was an old hand at this kind of artifice and very familiar with the courthouse staff and their biases. It would be easy, she calculated, to cloak her pique in the guise of a ‘victim’. The Drama Queen would have her revenge. Her surrogates would sharpen their swords and ‘murder’ the Good Samaritan who had so angered her. It would be easy, so they believed.

Dotson coordinated with April & Oliver Doss an anti-harassment petition [under RCW 10.14] which has become familiar to the public as Washington State’s cesspool of jurisprudence. They seized on a tag team strategy familiar to fans of professional wrestling. The object of Dotson’s ire would have to defend against each alternating week to week in a summary process.

Dotson’s ex parte temporary protection order and hearing was scheduled for the week prior to that which the Doss couple procured under a separate cause #. Amy’s friend would have to appear every week [Tuesday afternoons] in Thurston District Court to defend against the civil actions. He set about doing so resolutely. Under siege for a compassionate act, he struggled to keep his courage in an asymmetrical battle as Dotson rolled forth with the entire brute police power and judiciary of Thurston County behind her.

Dotson was seen by Amy’s mother and Amy during one of the scheduled hearing dates fraternizing and laughing with the courthouse security team. “So, he didn’t show up again?” they laughed. But in court,  she presented herself as timid, frightened, and exhausted. Outside, she circulated the man’s DOL photo and info among courthouse staff. The irony of doing so after complaining of her picture being taken in the hallway (and “photo shopped”) was irrelevant to her. She was a cop to be reckoned with and wanted the interloper to know it, to be punished for remonstrating with her, to be taught a lesson and serve as an example to any who crossed her path, and to chill any who might contest a case to which SHE had been assigned.

The attacks were all orchestrated on Dotson’s home turf. Familiar to all, she dominated the arena. Still, due to procedural issues, the man succeeded in a minor victory; Dotson’s petition was dismissed for failure to provide service. “You’ll have to refile,” Judge Wilcox instructed her. Dotson was furious; she glowered as she stormed out of the courtroom.

Judge Buckley had been a commissioner years before and had revealed an indifferent attitude toward RCW 10.14.190 which expresses the legislature’s intent the chapter NOT be used (as it so often is) to attenuate constitutional activities/rights/conduct. The man remembered him. He affidavited Buckley (as a matter of Statutory right) from hearing either case. Buckley had just signed the ex parte temporary order without regard to its prima facie deficiencies or violation of RCW 10.14.190  Only judge Meyers and Wilcox could now hear the actions.

Judge Meyers introduced another surprise. He recused himself. When asked why, he admitted it was because he well knew Sara Dotson, and had, in fact, gone to school with her. An honest judge is always a surprise. Meyers had weighed in ethically and responsibly. Now only Judge Wilcox remained as supposedly an unbiased determiner of fact in an attenuated summary proceeding.

The first appearance date for April and Oliver Doss on 10-18-11 found no service on the man had been rendered.  The presiding judge extended the ex parte temporary protection order for 2 weeks to 11-1-11, rescheduling the hearing accordingly.

In the meantime, in true tag team tradition, Dotson had refiled her petition after dismissal, requesting yet another waiver of filing fees based on her exalted position as a County Courthouse employee and juvenile probation officer in Thurston–no cronyism there! Now she carved out an extremely limited safe harbor exception for the man as a response to his earlier arguments asserting he could not appear after having been banned from Courthouse facilities. Dotson’s incredible generosity from the very woman responsible for banning him from the courthouse was apparent. The court rubber stamped the ex parte petition and once again issued an ex parte temporary protection order.

Upon an attorney’s advice (hear Bruce Finlay pressure client), the man voluntarily appeared voluntarily having been served (10-25-11). The temporary order was due to expire. Having been renewed two weeks previously, this 3rd issuance was contrary to legislative intent and the  RCW 10.14 law limiting the same to 2.  But the tag team was disintegrating. Arriving at the scheduled hearing on 11-1-11 to respond to the Doss allegation, Amy and the man discovered no Doss was in attendance. No one had called to say the petitioning parties wouldn’t be there. The case (AH11-0202) was dismissed after the affidavit against Judge Buckley was waived, else being no eligible judge was present to do so, the case would have been continued yet again…a hardship on Amy, the Respondent who had to drive 100 miles round trip per appearance, and witnesses.

Amy’s friend looked forward to appearing on 11-8-11 to cross examine Sara Dotson, the Thurston juvenile probation officer, under oath, facilitating a lawsuit of their own for violation of his and Amy’s civil rights including the federal ADA for starters, abuse of process, malicious prosecution, filing a false police report, malfeasance, alienation of affections, custodial interference, hiding the whereabouts of a runaway, anti-SLAPP sanctions, along with violations of 1st Amendment guarantees, CR 11 and RCW 10.14.190.


Jennifer S. Lord, Thurston Deputy Prosecutor (dob:11-29-62)


ALBRECHT D NICK & Jennifer S Lord

Sara and her agents had yet another card to play. On 11-2-11 they (Jennifer Lord, an acquaintance of Sara’s and Thurston DV prosecutor with an office near hers, no less) filed felony criminal charges against the good Samaritan. Count 1) Intimidating a Public Servant, a class B felony; Count 2) Criminal Trespass in the 1st degree, a gross misdemeanor; Count 3) Violation of a Temporary Protection Order, a gross misdemeanor, alleging by providing service of process of court documents he’d filed and was required to provide to Dotson in her capacity as a pro se litigant, he had violated that order…an order that had never been served at the time of the alleged offense. Not only did Dotson and her agents hijack the Thurston judicial process, they wanted the Defendant to stand against the wall with his hands tied behind his back stripped of any right to defend himself through use of mandatory due process and notice.

Remonstrating with an offical (Dotson) was maliciously construed as ‘intimidation’.

Standing in a public hallway next to the disabled woman was maliciously misconstrued as ‘trespass’.

Standing before an open doorway in that public hallway next to the disabled woman was maliciously misconstrued as ‘blocking the door with his foot’.

Finally, abiding by the rules of court and State Statutes requiring notice be provided to all parties was maliciously misconstrued as violating the temporary protection order.

The criminal complaint (11-1-01711-1) glibly made these allegations as though they were a foregone conclusion, sworn to under penalty of perjury by Thurston’s Domestic Violence prosecutor, and friend of Sara Dotson, Jennifer Lord.

What was, in fact, purely an effort to accommodate a disabled mother and lifelong friend by a protective committed benefactor asserting Amy’s rights to accommodation turned into the moral equivalent of being charged for attempted murder for a parking ticket. It wasn’t possible to plausibly make such allegations based on the truth, so Sara Dotson, the juvenile probation officer lied. Though she originally alleged she didn’t feel ‘safe’ because the photos the man had taken of her in the hall could be “photo shopped”, that he attempted to “follow” the sobbing recalcitrant teen into her office, she began to omit these allegations in her subsequent sworn statements.

Now the allegation emphasized ‘blocking the doorway with his foot’. “Puffing up his chest” evolved into “advanced on Sara”, a lie promulgated and penned by Jennifer Lord, the DV prosecutor picked for the case in her sworn statement. The anatomical difficulty of ‘advancing’ on anybody while ‘blocking’ the door from closing with their foot boggles the mind.

More disturbing still is the raw power of miscreants such as Sara Dotson to hijack the Thurston County justice system to pillory/punish a man with good intentions not making a dime from his many hours of effort on Amy’s behalf, could be forced to defend himself in a criminal court with all the expense involved and disadvantage of having been banned by the very complaining disingenuous witness who now pressed trumped up charges.

Never let it be said that any good deed goes unnoticed by this crowd! Detective Weiss might well be asked what HIS relationship with Dotson is. Are/were THEY lovers? Weiss, no dummy, has advanced law degrees and is an active member of the Washington State Bar. It’s not like he’s too ignorant to know better. It’s not an academic failure, but a moral one. Weiss is a bigot and, like almost all cops, willing to distort the truth, skew the ‘investigation’ to achieve his desired end results. The prosecutor’s office and judges, of course, accommodate him as they do Dotson. Most judges have never met a cop they didn’t like. They do little to protect the innocent while invariably ruling for law enforcement personnel despite how ubiquitous the crime of perjury is among them. Perhaps the parties with the most serious handicaps, moral ones, aren’t recognized as disabled at all.

A 2-year old little girl is struck and run over TWICE in Beijing traffic. Surveillance cameras capture 15 people walk or drive past avoiding helping her. Finally a rag picker woman picks up the unconscious body to take to a local hospital. The little girl lives for 2-weeks in a coma before succumbing to her injuries.

The literal terms of Washington’s Good Samaritan law don’t bar prosecution in this case, even if its spirit was violated. Amy wasn’t lying in a pool of blood on the Courthouse floor. That had happened in the aftermath of the fatal car collision in 1999. But the injuries she was left with and the disabilities which prevented her from remembering or hearing what was said still afflicted her.

Thurston County has become the Beijing of America, maliciously punishing a Good Samaritan because of the power wielded by an ultra feminist clique who have usurped its judicial process. Is the chilling effect what its citizens want? When they or their child has been hurt, do they want others to fear helping? Has accommodation become criminal in our County Courthouses because tyrants like Sara Dotson, DV prosecutor Jennifer Lord, and Detective Roland Weiss don’t get it or don’t want to? Has ‘to serve & protect’ become ‘to search & destroy’ in Thurston County?

Amy’s family has been trashed, her personal life impugned, her rights ignored, and her little girl threatened. But that’s not enough for the beasts of Thurston when aroused. They want more raw meat, and the Good Samaritan for desert.


(for all the sick incompetent government sponsored control freaks who destroyed Amy Cunningham’s family and indirectly led to this young woman’s murder: e.g. Jennifer Lord, deputy persecutor, commissioner Thomas who twice refused to even rule on Amy Cunningham’s request for a court appointed attorney in a bid to stop the State of WA from destroying her family, and Sarah Dotson, chief architect of destroying the family along with the Social Security administrators I witnessed impugn Amy’s character as well as call her a liar–and Amy’s neighbors who did likewise)

Christina Cunningham, 26yo at the time of her murder

Mother, friends remember 26-year-old veteran stabbed to death Sunday: ‘We will not stop fighting’

(Except Both Christina’s birth and adoptive mother reside in Washington State!)

by Alex Thorson

Richmond, VA (11-11-29) — This veterans day will always stick with friends and family of Christina Cunningham.

On Sunday night, police say she was stabbed to death near south Vine and West Cary streets by her boyfriend, according to investigators. 26-year-old Cunningham was a U.S. Army veteran.

Police say Cunningham’s boyfriend of about a year, Maury Williams, is charged with her murder.

Her family made it clear that they don’t want Cunningham to be remembered by what happened to her — instead, they cherish her lasting impact on others.

“She was determined to make everybody around her happy,” said Kimberly Johnson, her mother. “She always found the glass over full, not half full. It was always over full for everybody else.”

Her mother, who lives in Fredericksburg, tells 8News dozens of hearts are breaking. “There’s no excuse to do what he did to my baby,” she said.

[Disputed: Christina’s birth and adoptive mother reside in Washington State. Neither made such a statement. Christina had a history of swapping out next of kin from the time of her adoption at 11 to her disputed petition for emancipation at 16 in a bid for her adoptive father’s Social Security survivor benefits for minors. Christina gulled many a neighbor, a juvenile probation officer named Sarah Dotson, an incompetent juvenile court commissioner Thomas, even Social Security administrators she’d been ‘abandoned’–a totally false self serving claim. These government sponsored terrorists impugned and viciously attacked Amy and utterly destroyed her family as though they had the God given right. But for their interference, there would have been a much better chance Christina would be alive today given the poor choices she made left without guidance and to her own devices.]

Maury E. Williams
This man took Christina Cunningham’s life almost before it had begun.

She [putative mom] said the murder happened inside the couple’s home, where she heard problems had been stirring. “We love her and in spite [despite] what he told her, she was loved, she was beautiful,” she said.

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7 Responses to No Good Deed Shall Go Unpunished in Thurston County

  1. blog setup says:

    I do not even know how I stopped up right here, however I believed this post used to be great. I don’t know who you’re however certainly you are going to a well-known blogger if you happen to are not already. Cheers!

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  3. Jeremy Kanoa Hughes says:

    I had a similar encounter with jennifer lord, indu thomas and the rest of the thurston county thugs!!
    I busted Indu Thomas and Christine Schaller intentionally rulling without Subject Matter Jurisdiction in my custody case that ONLY has legal jurisdiction in Hawaii, yet thomas and schaller intentionally modified it after Hawaii told them NO!!
    After I shined the light on them, and thats a whole long story of court house incompetence, Jennifer Lord had me arrested and jailed for 4 months due to her extensions of my trial for stalking, how did I stalk this person? I had a process server find a address and they then mailed it a subpeona for a upcoming hearing!! I was jailed for 4 months because I hired a process server to perform a mandatory LEGAL service!! during my 4 months she repeatedly attempted to get me to admit that washington did have jurisdiction and she would drop the charges!! Its impossible for me to grant jurisdiction and no way would I allow THUGS to rule our lands, I didnt serve in the USMC for that to happen!!
    The day before trial jennifer wieler/lord dropped all charges and still asked the judge to keep me in jail longer, with NO conviction or trial!!
    Jeremy Kanoa Hughes

  4. admin says:

    Jeremy, you have our sympathy–seriously. Jennifer Lord is one of the most viciously corrupt deputy prosecutors in Thurston County. It’s not surprising she had no competence (or interest) in the prickly pear forest of jurisdiction–few Washington attorneys/judges do. There is a federal statute that bears on child custody for native indigenous people in this country. The Hawaii court, no doubt, was aware of that and the State itself may have had legislation addressing the problem–a law Washington State was mandated to give ‘full faith and credit’ to…especially given proceedings in Hawaii had already secured it as the court and venue of original jurisdiction.

    “Article IV, Section 1 of the United States Constitution, known as the “Full Faith and Credit Clause”, addresses the duties that states within the United States have to respect the “public acts, records, and judicial proceedings of every other state.” According to the Supreme Court, there is a difference between the credit owed to laws (i.e. legislative measures and common law) as compared to the credit owed to judgments. Judgments are generally entitled to greater respect than laws, in other states. At present, it is widely agreed that this Clause of the Constitution has little impact on a court’s choice of law decision, although this Clause of the Constitution was once interpreted differently.”

    “Article IV, Section 1:
    Full faith and credit shall be given in each state to the public acts, records, and judicial proceedings of every other state. And the Congress may by general laws prescribe the manner in which such acts, records, and proceedings shall be proved, and the effect thereof.”

    Unfortunately, the ‘stalking’ law of Washington State is vague and full of weasel phrases that could result in the prosecution of a ham sandwich. Lord has a history of abusing such statutes. Your reference to prosecuting a litigant for complying with court rules (service of process and adequate notice) was precisely one of the tactics she unsuccessfully attempted in the above case involving the good Samaritan. i.e. How is it unlawful to do what one is required to? Research found not one published case of a conviction in all 50 states for serving process existed. Judge Murphy accepted that premise, giving Lord one week to come up with an example to the contrary. Lord failed to do so. Murphy ordered a rarely granted change of venue after Lord moved to dismiss the trumped up felony allegation which she’d sworn (under penalty of perjury) existed. Lord moved to dismiss all remaining charges WITH PREJUDICE before a filed motion to dismiss for prosecutorial misconduct could be heard.

    Jennifer Lord does not like men–an understatement. She views them intrinsically as the ‘enemy’ though that’s not to say women get justice in that courthouse either. She’s a bull in a china shop who further increases the contempt the community has developed toward Thurston’s Family Court, Lord’s playing field. Moreover, what you describe is a pattern with her. You’re hardly unique in that regard. Research showed a string of miscarriages of justice in the wake of Lord’s witness tampering, affidavits based on 3rd hand hearsay, and coaching her complaining witnesses to use the civil anti-harassment process (which has almost no due process protections in District Court) to establish legal ‘facts’ as levers to use in her planned ensuing criminal prosecutions. i.e. Lord abuses the criminal process to serve her interests as a knight errant in civil and personal disputes.

    Lord was found to have accomplished this handily in prosecuting one young man over an altercation he had with a female Olympia police officer [*gasp* What a surprise!]. She coached the officer to file a civil anti-harassment action against him, which he defended against, pro se, but badly, and lost. She then brought criminal actions against him (which he also defended, pro se, again badly) using the ‘findings’ of the civil process, which she had manipulated as though she was the complaining witness’es private attorney in the civil matter. It amounted to her making State resources available to her charge for private purposes–a violation of Washington’s criminal code itself. Having read his briefs and motions, it was apparent the guy was too inarticulate and incoherent/non-cogent to prevail. He was convicted (felony) and is now a fugitive somewhere in California, courtesy of Lord. He too was convicted of ‘stalking’ or something closely related. That law is, as you know, very badly written in Washington State.

    Sun Tzu said, “Know your enemy.” Following that advice proved providential. Lord’s tactics remained largely the same as she coached her drama queen complaining witness in the face of four eye witnesses’ sworn affidavits contradicting Sara Dotson, a lying juvenile probation officer.

    The entire experience was bittersweet. It was as you also found. Although Dotson, Lord, and Detective Roland Weiss were defeated, they’d achieved their hidden agenda: “You may beat the rap, but you won’t beat the ride!” No doubt, a special place in Hell is reserved for them.

  5. Jeremy Kanoa Hughes says:

    yeah, weiler/lord is a special breed of bully., she was on my first case where she was proved on appeal to have violated my constitutional rights, the stalking case was rejected out of 4 different courts when she sought it out and requested special appearance on my case!!
    The presiding statute and acts for my case are the UCCJEA both state levels and federal level under the Parental kidnapping protection act, they are under the full faith and credit clause and a special section, unfortunatley they have no cause of action in federal court 🙁
    in court I pointed out to Buckly that lord was prosecuting me for following the law, buckly and lord agreed that although I was following the law in this case they would make a exeption, I mentioned it kinda funny that in a court of law I the defendant was the ONLY ONE FOLLOWING THE LAW!!
    yeah, I beat them and continually getting pushed around in the courts but Im causing them atleast some discomfort and am sure to bring up their incompetence during election time.
    It did cost me years of my life being depressed and I still dont trust the courts or cops, atleast $30k in lawyers and court costs, 130+ days in jail and even though I HAVE NEVER been accused of, had a trial for or been convicted there is a felony on my record from thurston!!!!! I cant expunge it cause it doesnt exist, it appears to be an error but they cant fix it and Im sick of it!! I got a federal order along with a FBI printout of my actual record and hand that to employers, I also have a federal prosecutor working with me that has been incredibly helpful in trying to go after those that have actually trespassed on the law and failed to act as officers of the court. She is more then willing to speak to employers that need to know about my record when I put in apps. I also have the Hawaii attorney generals office on my side and they are putting together a case against my ex for kidnapping and are working with the FBI to go after Lord for collusion to kidnap when she helped send Washington DOC officer to Hawaii to extradite me to Washington!!

    I know it wont happen for a long time and if anything does happen it will be a slap on the wrist but at this point I have nothing left but to see this thru, its the only thing I can think about! It has consumed my life, while my family and friends are the most supportive and awesome I cant let this go, it must be resolved, I dont have a choice for my own mental health.

    • admin says:

      Jeremy, please keep us posted so it can be reported here and those responsible held accountable–at least in the court of public opinion. If you have not been convicted of the felony OR if the conviction was reversed upon appeal, you might want to consider filing a motion to have the record SEALED. Alternately, you might want to file the appellate ruling ordering the conviction be reversed in the trial court file, which the court clerk will index.

  6. Jeremy Kanoa Hughes says:

    Thats the problem, I was never tried for a felony, there is no case to appeal, no record to expunge, its a clerical error that they claim to not know how to fix!!
    Ill let you know if it ever goes anywhere, Im taking a year off for mental stability, Ill be back at it full swing in January 🙂

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