17yo Kenosha, WI boy Shoots & Kills Rioter 8-26-20

This alleged 17-year-old shooter (Kyle Rittenhouse) spoke with the Daily Caller moments before an incident occurred that left one man dead. He was taken into custody pending an investigation. You’ll never see this on MSM and FB will likely censor it because they don’t want the American people to know there is an active civil war occurring in our streets right now! Stay tuned–developing. (Kyle was later arrested in Antioch, Il, & charged with 1st degree intentional homicide.)

A curfew has been imposed.

Given the obvious self defense, a conviction for any degree of homicide may prove impossible. Illegal possession of a firearm by a minor is more likely.

What 17yo Rittenhouse’s legal defense will look like:


Video of 17yo Kenosha, WI boy w/rifle FB won’t let you see:


RAW video of 17-year-old boy (Kyle Rittenhouse) shooting his armed assailants:

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