Pork Chair Stomps 1st Amendment, Conspires w/Pork Attorney (7-5-11)

After the traditional worshiping of the flag, Pork Chair Jay Hupp stomps on one of the foremost principles America stands for: Free Speech in a political/government forum. At the end of this clip, Jay Hupp can be seen attempting to censor the content of one citizen’s speech extolling the virtues of the right, if somewhat prematurely, complimenting the Pork Commissioners for not interfering with it only to be made a liar in mid-sentence by the man who had only minutes before led the room in a pledge to the flag of the United States of America and the principles for which it stands.

At least one man refused to participate with the hypocrite in chief defiling the very principles to which he’d just sworn allegiance.

Earlier in the clip, the Pork Commissioners can be seen rejecting the argument the public should have an opportunity to comment on a proposed change to how Public Records requests are handled.

Shortly thereafter, Pork Chair Jay Hupp introduced a ‘letter of censure’ targeting Commissioner Miles after admitting to drafting it himself with the complicity of Pork Attorney Skip Hauser.

Executive Pork Director Dobson Mugs for the Camera

Commissioner Miles can be seen responding by shredding the letter of censure when asked to sign it after a testy exchange of words during the comment period following its introduction…whereupon Pork Attorney Skip Hauser is seen eagerly mincing and prancing over to Pork Executive Director Dobson to get another copy to give Miles.

Commissioner Miles thanks Constituents

Commissioner Miles confers with Constituents

Commissioners Miles Smiles with local residents


Commissioner Miles and Residents discuss Port business

An interesting legal side note to this carnival is, like the relationship between the White House Counsel in Washington D.C. and U.S. President, Jay Hupp has no right of privileged communication with the Pork Attorney. That communication is available through discovery in a lawsuit by the public or the aggrieved/injured party. Mr. Hupp (like the President) would have to obtain his own private counsel to enjoy the privilege between attorney and client.

Pork Attorney Skip Hauser is paid with PUBLIC (taxpayer) funds. Hence, he serves (by extension) the public, not Mr. Hupp personally. For Mr. Hupp to engage and use the Pork Attorney for his own ends/purposes or without consent from the Commission as a whole violates the basis for one alleged criticism (i.e. acting as representing the entire body of the commission when no such consensus/majority was reached through open meeting requirements) leveled at Mr. Miles in the very letter of censure he proffered during this heated exchange.

Rachel Hansen Hides behind her young child to spite reporter during meeting

Midway during the public meeting while photos were being taken of attendees, Rachel Hansen objected to the pictures while her young child was present. A reporter muttered she should leave the child at home given the public nature of the meeting.

Upon reflection, the woman who admitted after the meeting to calling Pork employee Teresa Rebo “…a low life piece of sh*t” decides to mug for the camera, but later calls the cameraman the same thing hard on the heels of arguing her child was too precious to be exposed to cameras in a public venue.

On 2nd Thought, Rachel decides to Mug for the Camera

Mr. Hansen enjoys a light moment

The Hansens get into the spirit of the 1st Amendment.

The Hansens get into the Mood

 Pork Chair Stomps 1st Amendment, Conspires w/Pork Attorney (7-5-11)


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