C Davis Self Destructs at Admin Hearing Alleging Voter Fraud (8-27-20)

C Davis attempts to defend against allegations of voter fraud filed by Andrew Saturn, a previously failed Socialist candidate. Mr. Davis is a fiscal conservative and heated opponent of Communism and socialist policies in government. In his election campaign for Thurston County Commissioner, he’s promised to nix the giant boondoggle of moving the County Courthouse (a massive project certain to bankrupt the County’s taxpayers for a generation) to downtown Olympia on Plum Street if elected and to boost the budget of the Sheriff’s department.


Saturn posted the following description and recording of a voter calling him very late at night to challenge the dirty tricks unsuccessfully utilized against a Democratic primary candidate running for the same office Saturn sought:

Kento Azegami of the Thurston County Young Democrats and Olympia Planning Commission calls me to harass me while intoxicated after midnight, after over 100 ignored calls and texts. After this call, he called me over 300 more times from 4 different phone numbers, and continued to send texts as well as blank e-mails. Olympia Police were called and were able to make contact with Kento around 4am, when he finally stopped. The other unidentified people helping him were never contacted. These people were supporting my corporate-funded opponent in the Public Utilities Commissioner race.

Things that go bump in the night: Kento Azegami

Andrew Saturn, a public figure and recently failed political candidate running on the Socialist ticket, filed a fraudulent DMCA request with GoDaddy by misrepresenting his public domain images used to promote his failed candidacy were private or not subject to fair use. Saturn/Pluto also threatened this reporter with publishing the journalist’s address if the 3 images of Saturn’s face (which Andrew cunningly omitted under Mary Hall’s incompetent oversight during the OPEN Zoom teleconference administrative hearing he orchestrated challenging Mr. C Davis’ voter registration, alleging it was fraudulent) were not removed. Since Mr. Saturn apparently believes in such transparency, his registered voter address follows, the images of his face will soon reappear after linking to an offshore repository w/o weak attempts at DMCA censorship:

Andrew G. Saturn (not a Thurston County voter), dob:1-12-85, 4819 42nd St, N, Tacoma, WA 98407 — stay tuned


–>NOTE: Lunatic Saturn sought to remove readers’ access to his extensively published mugshots as a failed Socialist candidate via false DMCA complaints. Thus, successfully gulling the incompetent administrators at SYNC.COM. i.e. Don’t entrust your files or links to these losers.


SOooo–a personal treat for Mr. Saturn: Downsize THIS LINK with your mugshots plastered all over it, DIPSTICK!

Voters react to Saturn’s failed candidacy.

(Please note: Your reply to this article/post, including your correct e-mail, name, and bonafides to receive the password to access Mr. Saturn’s public face due to his ham handed attempt at throttling the press here by filing fraudulent DMCA claims, although, admittedly, he’s not much to look at…snail bait, mostly, is no longer applicable to the following 3 links. Currently the 3 links below do not function as a result of Saturn’s effort to quash the public’s 1st Amendment rights–to hide his identity as a failed public figure. But, see the above link for a remedy and the photographic identity of Andrew Saturn, no password required). P.S. Stick it where the sun don’t shine toy boy. Bon Appetit.

1st Public Domain fair use image of public figure Andrew G. Saturn:


2nd Public Domain fair use image of public figure Andrew G. Saturn:


3rd Public Domain fair use image of public figure Andrew G. Saturn:



And HERE is a link to Andrew Saturn’s mugshot furnished to the Olympian with an eye to promote his political candidacy, followed by a link to the article in which it is embedded discusssing political dirty tricks conducted by Saturn’s campaign:






Mr. Saturn lost the case brought against him seeking damages and attorney fees:

Appellate Ruling against Andrew Saturn
Dirty Trickster

More (much!) by Socialist candidate Mr. Andrew Saturn’s own hand:

Andrew Saturn’s Agenda as a SOCIALIST candidate

Details of Complaint filed Against Andrew Saturn for Dirty Tricks:

Andrew Saturn dirty tricks Complaint (Passcode: 3V0?GRkN)

Use Above PASSCODE when clicking the ZOOM link to the Auditor’s Hearing

Saturn’s specious complaint to smear Davis

Auditor Mary Hall takes the bait letter to Davis

Mary Hall’s witless ill advised conclusion/ruling

However, this video reveals a candidate (C) reacting like a cornered badger, or a driver with a body in the trunk when pulled over for a speeding ticket to questions posed by the hearing officer, Mary Hall, or interlocutor/accuser Andrew Saturn. It was tantamount to watching a train wreck…or an execution–self administered.

While the urgency of this hearing will quickly fade along with the candidacy of C Davis, it will remain a classical example of what NOT to do and how NOT to behave as either a political candidate or a litigant (criminal OR civil) in court/administrative hearings/proceedings. C, in fact, DOES reside and is domiciled at the residential property he owns (and rents out) on Bigelow across the street from the Olympia Park by the same name. He could have simply said/admitted as much as it was in the same precinct perhaps only a couple of hundred feet from where the Auditor’s office had erroneously listed his residence. C could even have said, “I don’t want to tell you because of genuine fears my political enemies will harm/kill me.”

But C didn’t do that. Instead, he was pugnacious, evasive (refusing to answer Ms. Hall’s simple query of where he resided about six times in succession), exploded out of turn, NEVER smiled (not once), was hostile, suspicious, slippery, and resentful in his demeanor throughout the hearing. C could have brought witnesses (at least one offered), as his accuser did. He could have offered his driver’s license or vehicle registration as proof of his dwelling. But, C would have none of it.

C is not a fish, but you wouldn’t know it after watching this video. He foolishly attempts to infer he’s as migratory as the denizens of the deep. He ends up being the strongest witness against his own theory of the case. He could have refused to testify at all given voter fraud is a class C (no pun intended) felony.

C could have had an attorney, or even an adroit friend, present his case without ever opening his mouth for which his supporters would (as it turns out) have been grateful.. He ignored all the best pre-hearing advice, waited until the date of the hearing to prepare for it, and wasted all the sweat, blood and tears of his supporters. In short, C blew it.

C could have moved to dismiss the investigator’s testimony as moot by simply admitting the obvious truth, that he resided on Bigelow a few feet from the address the auditor erroneously listed on his voter registration. Instead, he allowed (without objection) the investigator to drag up innuendos about a stolen drum set C had for sale, dozens of aliases and imposter identities (including their social security numbers) C had assumed over the years, painting a picture of a shady character with a checkered/mysterious past and plenty to hide.

In short, C ignored the cardinal rule for politicians and litigants–to give the appearance (at least) of transparency and let a smile be your umbrella. As it is, this public pillorying will follow C long after his political ambitions have faded. The fact Mary Hall may not be a notary public or authorized in law to administer an oath to anybody regarding their testimony is beside the point. The fact C could have raised an objection based on equitable estoppel (acting in good faith on the department’s assurances heretofore), failure to state a claim (no harm, no foul), or prevail upon appeal for a host of other procedural errors is politically moot.

In the electorate’s eyes, C is a dead man walking. C has lost all credibility where it counts most. The self administered cut runs deepest–all for want of transparency…a C-section in all but name only!


w/respect to the pedophile smear campaign & witch hunt against Davis:

C Davis is a lot of things, not all attractive, and he’s as ugly as sin…so much so he scares my wife just looking at him. But he is not a pedophile. It isn’t even alleged 20 years after the fact that he is/was or he broke the law in any fashion. No, instead, rumor and innuendo are employed to politically smear Davis with the eager support of The Olympian’s front page article complete with thinly veiled innuendo. It could as easily be a chapter straight out of Arthur Miller’s THE CRUCIBLE.

Arthur Miller

Sometimes I believe Davis could place on the Asperger’s spectrum. A review of the hearing makes this apparent. But the fact some teenage girls felt uncomfortable talking to him 20 years ago? So WHAT? Even his closest acquaintances feel uncomfortable talking to C and he feels un comfortable talking to them. Andrew Saturn cunningly exploited that flaw in Mr. Davis personality to resounding effect in his specious voter registration complaint.

The concerted political smear campaign against Davis (especially the yellow journalism evidenced in The Olympian) is nothing less than a contemporary witch hunt and virtual lynching. The oafish nature of Mr. Davis’ approach to social engagement is undeniable and apparent. He is not cool under fire or poised. He’s ugly with a funeral pallor and long unkempt stringy white hair. He’s morbidly obese, ugly as sin. So if you’re simply looking for a pretty face or another suave politician, don’t vote for him. But you’ll pay through the nose for it and get what you deserve. C is a fiscal arch conservative who believes in law and order as well as a clean environment & community. He is NO fan of state sponsored terrorism or police abuse. But you’ll have difficulty finding these facts in the local news rag (The Olympian) because witch hunts and virtual lynchings appease the mob as well as sell more newspapers.

Mobs, street violence, obsequious politicians, excessive taxes, and pork barrel boondoggles are why we can’t have nice things anymore. The mob, those who stoop to the most vile personal attacks on those with the courage to run for public office get the government they deserve. Vote your conscience and don’t be manipulated by slanderous innuendo and political smear campaigns such as The Olympian promotes. The hype surrounding these thinly veiled innuendos is much ado about nothing, bare assertions full of sound and fury signifying nothing.

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3 Responses to C Davis Self Destructs at Admin Hearing Alleging Voter Fraud (8-27-20)

  1. admin says:

    TO: Andrew Saturn
    Not to put too fine a point on it, but as a paralegal with a longtime keen interest in the subject, I’m an expert on the legal distinction (not that it matters after your political hatchet job) between domicile and residence. The Thurston Auditor clearly has a poor grasp of the distinction, as do you. A person may ONLY (Constitutionally speaking) vote in the precinct where their domicile exists. Their residence has no bearing on this fundamental legal principle and C Davis (despite an attempt to explain it to him) still doesn’t get it either! Thus, garbage in, garbage out.

    A person always has a domicile, but ONLY one, and ALWAYS one! Anybody may have multiple residences, but only one domicile. Not even a ‘primary’ residence (time spent at the location), in law, substitutes for a DOMICILE…that being where you intend to return once your temporary business is completed. i.e. Where the heart lies. Domicile has as much to do with intent as circumstance.

    Even an inmate serving a life sentence without possibility of parole cannot vote in the prison’s precinct due to his/her incarceration there because of intent. The inmate’s residence is involuntary. Thus it is a legal oxymoron to speak of the inmate’s “home” as prison or any civil right flowing from his/her presence there. I like to remind people of George Bush, Sr’s domicile: Kennebunkport, TX I tell them. “No, Maine,” they say. “No, Texas,” I insist.

    Everyone knows George Bush, Sr. lived in the White house while President, but returned to his residence in Maine when away from his official residence as President. Yet, for political purposes, he claimed to be a citizen of Texas, registered to vote there, and maintained he had his domicile there. While he did own land in Texas, there was no structure or abode on it. Yet, under Texas law, all he was required to do to qualify as having a domicile in Texas was to reserve a room in a hotel/motel locally for 2 weeks out of the year without having to actually spend even one night in the room! This principle (Domicile) is so vital because it is the fulcrum from which almost all of our legal rights, responsibilities, and liberties flow.

    Therefore, Mary Hall committed an egregious error (among many) stemming from her misapprehension, as did you and your investigator in how you presented what you supposed to be material facts to the feckless incompetent auditor. The auditor’s office errs routinely by assigning a precinct to a voter based on presence rather than domicile. A domicile remains THE SAME (even for years) until the person establishes a NEW domicile/abode where they intend to remain or return to when they are away. A refugee’s domicile remains the same, even for decades, until they are able to return to their domicile.

    Moreover, the burden of proof rests on the party alleging a change of domicile, a burden you did not meet in this instance inasmuch as although you raised doubt, you offered not a single shred of actual evidence where C Davis actual domicile was. Even accepting your theory, the Auditor was barred from an action against C Davis due to collateral estoppel. i.e. C Davis acted, in good faith, on the representation the auditor made to him despite it being erroneous.

    C’s response was callow and maladroit, admittedly. But YOU managed a political assassination based on misrepresentations, ignorance of the law, and manipulation of an auditor ill suited to sit in any judicial capacity, even administrative. You have also effectively deprived a substantial portion of the voters of their right to express their will through the ballot box despite all your feigned self righteous protestations.

  2. admin says:

    WAC 250-18-030
    Establishment of a domicile.
    The domicile of any person shall be determined according to the individual’s overall situation and circumstances and is not determined on the basis of a single factor; nor is a predetermined number of factors required. Institutions shall require evidence of a Washington domicile that is of sufficient quantity and quality to negate the existence of a domicile in a state other than Washington.
    A nonresident student who is enrolled for more than six hours per semester or quarter shall be presumed to be in the state of Washington for primarily educational purposes. Such period of enrollment shall not be counted toward the establishment of a bona fide domicile of one year in this state unless such student proves that the student has, in fact, established a bona fide domicile in this state primarily for purposes other than educational. The burden of proof that a person has established a domicile in the state of Washington primarily for purposes other than educational lies with the student.
    To aid the institutions in determining whether a person has established a bona fide domicile in the state of Washington primarily for purposes other than educational, factors such as those listed in subsections (1) through (14) of this section are to be considered. The weight assigned to any given factor should depend on the ease with which it might be established and the degree to which it demonstrates commitment to domicile as a matter of common sense and as part of the individual’s overall circumstances. Factors include, but are not limited to:
    (1) Location and duration of registration or payment of taxes or fees on any motor vehicle, mobile home, travel trailer, boat, or any other item or personal property owned or used by the person;
    (2) State and duration of any driver’s license for the previous one year;
    (3) Location and duration of any continuous full-time employment of the previous one year;
    (4) Address and other pertinent facts listed on a true and correct copy of federal and state income tax returns for the calendar year prior to the year in which application is made;
    (5) Location and duration of any voter registration for the previous one year;
    (6) Location and duration of primary residence, evidenced by title, lease agreement, or monthly rental receipts for the previous one year;
    (7) Residence status in all secondary and postsecondary schools attended outside the state of Washington;
    (8) Location and duration of any checking accounts, savings accounts, and/or safety deposit boxes for the previous one year;
    (9) Address listed on selective service registration;
    (10) Location of membership in professional, business, civic or other organizations;
    (11) Receipt of benefits under a public assistance program;
    (12) State claimed as residence for obtaining eligibility to hold a public office or for judicial actions;
    (13) State claimed as residence for obtaining state hunting or fishing licenses;
    (14) State in which a custodial parent or legal guardian has a child attending public schools.

  3. admin says:

    A heated voter registration challenge hearing Thursday was about more than where C Davis, Republican candidate for Thurston County Commission in District 1, registered to vote. It included tense back-and-forth, a little bit of name-calling, and accusations that Davis is taking advantage of a system meant to serve homeless voters and tribal communities.

    Thurston County Auditor Mary Hall, who presided over Thursday’s hearing, said to expect a written decision within 14 days. She told The Olympian she could not comment on this case because it is ongoing.

    “I’m not taking this lightly — these are serious allegations,” Hall said. “I have a lot of information to decipher and I will be making a decision as soon as I can.”

    What could happen next is somewhat convoluted, but Mason County Auditor Paddy McGuire — a self identified “elections nerd” — tuned into the hearing and shed some light on possible outcomes in an interview with The Olympian Friday.

    Davis likely can’t be disqualified as a candidate and removed from November ballots as a result of a finding against him. But that doesn’t mean this hearing won’t have an impact on the race, which has proven itself the most turbulent local contest this election season.

    Thursday’s hearing was spurred by Andrew Saturn, a former candidate for local public office, who identifies as Socialist. Saturn alleged in a voter registration challenge that Davis doesn’t live at the office building where he’s registered, on the 1200 block of Fourth Avenue East.

    Auditor’s Office staff presented evidence at the hearing, then Saturn and Davis each had 15 minutes to present their arguments, in that order, and Saturn had an additional 10 minutes to respond.

    It was quickly revealed Thursday that Davis was registered there in 2018 as a “non-traditional address,” after he provided the Auditor’s Office a nearby cross-street.

    According to the Washington Secretary of State, a person’s voter registration has to be based on the location where they reside, but traditional residential addresses aren’t required to register. A voter without a traditional residence is registered and assigned to a precinct “based on the location provided,” a Secretary of Stateclearinghouse notice reads.

    “The address is anywhere the voter currently considers his or her residence,” it reads. It can be where they spend most of their time, where they sleep, or a description such as a bridge or park.

    In C Davis’s case, a voter registration form shows the Auditor’s Office used the cross streets of Fourth AvenueEast and Puget Street Northeast.

    In an interview with The Olympian, Mason County Auditor McGuire explained that non-traditional addresses are “an important tool for people who are experiencing homelessness,” or are otherwise displaced, to vote.

    Kathy Sakahara, democracy issue advocate for the League of Women Voters of Washington, added that they’realso used in tribal communities and were part of the Native American Voting Rights Act.

    Saturn alleged at the hearing that Davis is taking advantage of that system.
    He argued that Davis actually lives on the 1200 block of Bigelow Avenue Northeast, based on: police response, court, and other types of records; often seeing Davis’s vehicle at the address; and talking to former tenants who lived there.

    Thurston County Assessor’s records show Davis owns the property at the Bigelow address.

    In 2007, the records show “C Davis” bought the property from “Celeste Davis.” The property is a third of a mile north of where he registered.

    Saturn also called a witness: Arthur Mills, who owns the Lacey-based private investigations company Cicero Intel.

    Mills testified that he was contacted by “a concerned citizen,” clarifying it wasn’t Andrew Saturn, and is working on an investigation into Davis. A background check yielded “24 aliases and impostors,” Mills said, explaining that an alias is essentially a nickname, while an impostor shares a Social Security number with someone else.

    All the identities pointed to the Bigelow Avenue address, Mills said.

    Cicero Intel also is the company Jon Pettit said he paid, through an unknown third party, to create the report on Davis’s opponent, Carolina Mejia. Pettit is challenging Mejia’s citizenship and eligibility to run for office.

    Davis’s piece of the hearing was charged from the start.

    While taking his oath to tell the whole truth, he appeared not to confirm he’d tell the truth and simply stated his name. He had to re-do his oath after observers, including Lacey City Council member Michael Steadman, who’s running as a Democrat for the County Commission in District 2, pointed it out in the chat.

    “I affirm that I will tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God,” Davis said. “That’s with a capital G, by the way, just to clarify… Judeo-Christian God,” Davis said.

    He said that in 2018, when he registered to vote at the non-traditional address, he had gone to the Auditor’s Office because he hadn’t been getting his ballot at his private mailbox. Staff asked where he wanted to change his address to, and he didn’t know. They asked him to give cross-streets, he said.

    Davis called the voter registration challenge process “hinky,” and threatened legal action against Saturn, who he at least twice referred to as “Mr. Pluto.”

    Auditor Hall asked Davis where he resides at least five times, saying her office needed to know in order to assign him to the correct precinct and which candidates to put on his ballot.

    Repeatedly, Davis answered with some version of “it depends,” and called the Bigelow address an “investment property.’

    “It depends on the time,” Davis said. “When I came in in 2018, I was staying with a friend. But I do own a rental unit. It’s a duplex, and I use part of it for storage. Sometimes I stay there, sometimes I don’t.”

    After much back-and-forth, Davis said there’s “nothing inaccurate” about the cross streets he provided in 2018.

    “You’re implying that some people are entitled to a non-traditional address and other people aren’t,” Davis said.

    Hall asked if that’s the precinct he should be placed in, and Davis ultimately said yes.

    Davis’s involvement in the hearing ended as tensely as it started.

    In his response, Saturn referenced court records from 2009. A prosecutor’s statement of probable cause in that case includes that Davis, who in the court record is “C Shelley Frank Davis,” allegedly lied to officers multiple times.

    Davis interrupted Saturn and said “That was a bold-faced lie” before Hall said it wasn’t his time to speak and requested someone mute him.

    Mason County Auditor McGuire told The Olympian he tuned into the hearing because informal allegationswere raised in a Shelton City Council race last year, and he wanted to see how a hearing like this is conducted.

    The challenge is to Davis’s voter registration, not to his candidacy, McGuire clarified. In his understanding, if Auditor Hall determines Davis’s registration is incorrect, Davis could simply re-register immediately.

    According to Thurston County GeoData, the Bigelow address is still within District 1, where he’s running. But candidates for public office must be registered voters, according to state law. But even if he decided not to reregister, it seems he would still be on ballots.

    Auditor Hall has told The Olympian that she doesn’t have the authority to remove candidates from the ballot. State law requires challenging the validity of their candidacy in court — the process Jon Pettit is pursuing against Mejia. That requires filing an affidavit within three days of the certification of the primary election,
    which has passed.

    Unless somebody filed a court challenge that was not mentioned at Thursday’s hearing, it would appear it’s too late for that in this situation. Short of a court order, McGuire said, he’d put the candidate on the ballot.

    “The statute related to disqualifying candidates is archaic, confusing, and ripe for updating,” McGuire later said of the state law.

    The question of whether his registration is fraudulent, McGuire said, is a separate question. According to state law, knowingly falsifying voter registration information is a felony.

    “If this was happening in Mason County, and I found that a voter had knowingly registered to vote where they did not live, I would certainly take that to my prosecuting attorney and have a conversation about it,” McGuire said. “But, ultimately, it would be his decision whether to prosecute or not.”

    Saturn has said it’s not his goal to change the primary results or to assist a candidate in their bid for commissioner, [*cough*] but to prove there’s been a violation. At the same time, he said he thinks it’s good the hearing may impact the election in the court of public opinion.

    Saturn told The Olympian that, while voters falsifying information on their registration is rare, he’s pointing out hypocrisy if this is an example of it. This is not an undocumented person, or another stereotype, but a “very, very conservative white guy who owns multiple properties,” Saturn said.

    The race for Thurston’s District 1 seat has been turbulent from the get-go, and has become increasingly so in recent days. Davis came in second in the Aug. 4 primary with just over 18 percent of votes, while Democrat Carolina Mejia won handily with over 32 percent.

    Last week, Pettit, a frequent participant in public meetings and vocal supporter of third-place District 1 candidate Bud Blake and C Davis, challenged Democrat Carolina Mejia’s candidacy by calling into question her U.S. citizenship in court. She has provided naturalization papers and a passport to the Thurston County Auditor’s Office.

    In addition to the allegations surrounding his voter registration, multiple women have accused Davis of inappropriate behavior that made them feel uncomfortable and anxious as teens. The Thurston County Republican Party endorsed him in the primary, but party leadership said this week the party has withdrawn its endorsement and will no longer be funding his campaign.

    Davis’s campaign website states that he wants to help “return Thurston County to the way it used to be,” and his platform, via Facebook, consists of “no new courthouse,” streamlining building permits, protecting property rights, and preserving the environment by “eliminating homeless camps.”

    On Twitter, Davis and his campaign often use inflammatory, extreme rhetoric, including a tweet promoting the use of lethal force against protesters in Seattle.


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