Enemy of One’s Enemy: (A)narchists’ Complaint

Kerry Cunneen, the self avowed Portland (A)narchist, defiantly and publicly pronounced her hatred for the state, its prisons, its cruelty, its sponsored terrorism, death, violence, injustice, genocide, it’s complicity with the wealthy/privileged exploiters of the commons/environment, and its brutality while facing a potential arrest warrant after recently refusing to comply with a federal Grand Jury Subpoena.

At least 3 of her fellow Grand Jury Resisters are being held in federal isolation cells (dungeons) near Sea-Tac for an indeterminant period in an effort by the state to so traumatize/damage them as to cause their breakdown.

Photojournalists aren’t permitted to document their conditions, but lest we forget the kind of brutality Kerry speaks of inherent in ALL states…:


State Security Apparatus

Above:  Authorities carry out the court-ordered amputation of the fingers of a convicted thief in a public square in the southern Iranian city of Shiraz, Jan. 24, 2013. Convicted for being part of a 10-member gang that carried out burglaries in the city, he was sentenced to the amputation of three fingers, the confiscation of his property and three years in prison.

For those homesick Iranians: Just urinate into a humidifier and crank that puppy up–this usually does the trick.

Some readers may observe the functionaries of these state security apparatuses invariably are hooded, hidden, or otherwise anonymous. If their cause/actions were just, there’d be no need. You needn’t attend an execution or amputation–simply pick up your phone and call virtually any State office. Ask for the complete name of the person with whom you’re speaking. ?? ‘Nuff said!

The above photo provides a graphic example of why some (A)narchists have argued, “F(*)ck your STUFF!”/”F(*)ck the Law!”

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