Can CBD Gummies Cure Diabetes?

The following article suggests they can. However, readers should do their due diligence in evaluating this claim as it sounds like a scam–especially the hurry up and buy this before they’re gone sales tactic.

Any fact based feedback derived from verifiable sources will be appreciated when left in comments.

Here’s what the AI bot, ChatGPT has to say:

No, CBD gummies cannot cure diabetes. While there is some evidence to suggest that CBD may help manage certain symptoms associated with diabetes, such as pain and inflammation, it is not a cure for the disease.

Diabetes is a chronic condition in which the body is unable to produce or properly use insulin, a hormone that regulates blood sugar levels. While there is no cure for diabetes, it can be managed through lifestyle changes, medication, and insulin therapy.

Some studies suggest that CBD may help improve insulin sensitivity and reduce inflammation, which are both important factors in managing diabetes. However, more research is needed to fully understand the potential benefits and risks of using CBD for diabetes management.

It is also important to note that CBD may interact with certain medications commonly used to treat diabetes, such as insulin and metformin. Therefore, if you are considering using CBD to manage your diabetes symptoms, you should speak with your healthcare provider first to ensure it is safe for you to do so.

15 March 2023 10:16

Diabetics can have sweets! 93-year-old chemist wows everyone with his way of controlling blood sugar

United States of America is the birthplace of many famous scientists who have made great contributions to modern science and medicine and who have changed the perception of wrong processes. It is science that opens up new possibilities, including in the treatment of dangerous diseases.

Today, diabetes is one of the most severe and common pathologies in the world. However, despite this, humanity still knows very little about this disease.

However, world-renowned scientists know much more about this pathology! And some of them use their knowledge to heal themselves.

One of these scientists is Johnson Alsopp, a American chemist known far beyond the borders of the country for his discoveries. In 2002, Johnson Alsopp was awarded the Nobel Prize for the discovery of phosphoanhydride bonds in ATP molecules (together with scientists Bruce Kessler and Garrett Johnson).

Notably, Johnson is now 93 years old. He feels great, conducts active research activities, writes scientific papers and articles.

Johnson has a very busy schedule and we are very happy that he agreed to make time for us to come to the studio and do a little interview.

Diabetes mellitus can be cured, but only under one condition….

– Johnson, hello. Thank you for being agreed to an interview. It’s not every day that you get to ask questions to an expert of this level.

– Hello. Always glad to interesting and productive communication. Moreover, this information, which we will talk about today, can be useful to people.

– Johnson, you are already 93 years old. How are you feeling? As far as we know, you are now doing research work as much as before? Do you get tired of such loads?

– I never get tired of work. Especially from the one I love with all my heart. I’m getting tired of idleness! Of course, I’m not 20 years old, but I don’t complain about my health. Being healthy at 93 is a reward for any person. But even when I’m not in the laboratory, I still try to do something, and not just sit in front of the TV. I can take a walk with my grandchildren or take care of my garden.

– It is amazing! Are you not sick at all? For many people, old age is a series of diseases that appear in a chain one after another. And for you not?

Now he is healthy, but he used to be sick. I just broke the chain at the right time. I had health problems at 60, and now I feel even better than in those years.

– What kind of health problems did you have?

– Sugar was rising. The first was prediabetes. There was increased glucose tolerance and impaired fasting glycemia. And then diabetes. That is the official diagnosis.

– Do you have diabetes? So you are a diabetic? And you can’t tell…

– Well, what’s so amazing! After all, I am also a person, although all my life I have been engaged in a sphere that is almost in contact with metabolic processes. The years then took their toll. Yes, and bad habits were, what is there to hide. He liked to eat spicy fried foods. I’m also a big fan of sweets. Very straight forward. Even now. I love buns and pies that my wife bakes.

– Do diabetics live up to 93 years?

– Unfortunately no! It’s unrealistic. Most diabetics do not live past 70, and living to 80 is generally a great success. It’s not even worth talking about 100 – no one survives. Neither the heart nor blood vessels can function for a long time with constant jumps in sugar, they wear out very quickly. A heart attack or stroke is what eventually happens to a diabetic and in 99% of cases this happens before the age of 70!

Look at this chart, this is the official data on deaths from diabetes in the USA

– So you cured diabetes?

– Quite right. The diabetes mellitus was and has passed or has taken place. Every year I go through examinations – sugar has not risen for several decades.

How exactly did you beat diabetes? Can this pathology be cured?

– Can! Most diseases can be cured if you try hard! My knowledge helped me cope with the pathology. At first, like everyone else, I relied on medicine and doctors. But they failed to cure me. Then I cured myself. As you can see, I did much better.

– How exactly did you treat yourself? Tell me your secret? Can other people be cured in the same way?

– There really is no secret. Only scientific knowledge.

See What is diabetes? THIS IS A PATHOLOGICAL PROCESS IN THE ORGANISM WHEN THE INTERACTION OF THREE COMPONENTS – INSULIN, GLUCOSE AND CELL AMINO ACIDS IS DISTURBED. As a result, glucose is not completely broken down and remains in the blood.

The very reaction of splitting and assimilation of glucose (glycolysis) occurs in 9 stages. Diabetics have errors in the 7th reaction of glycolysis. At this stage, two molecules of pyruvic acid are formed from one glucose molecule, which then penetrate into the cells. So in diabetics this does not happen or does not happen to the full extent. Why?

The fact is that this reaction occurs with the obligatory presence of insulin. However, in people with diabetes, insulin is no longer used effectively. This is due to a general decrease in metabolic reactions, as a result of which insulin loses some of its properties and becomes, as it were, “low quality”. Of course, I’m exaggerating everything very much, I just want you to understand what and how happens in the body.

With “low-quality” insulin, glycolysis does not occur to its full potential. The response is weak. As a result, not all glucose is converted into energy; sugar in a person’s blood rises.

– Every doctor knows that the metabolic process slows down after 40 years. Why does diabetes appear in people with age?

– Quite right! These processes are interrelated. Rarely, type 2 diabetes appears in youth, but if it does, it is also associated with a weakened metabolism. And now look, the most interesting. What do doctors suggest for the treatment of diabetes?

Basically, 2 treatment options are used. The first is the use of drugs based on metformin. This substance increases the production of insulin by the pancreas. The logic seems to be correct – the more insulin, albeit low quality, the more glucose will be processed.

HOWEVER, INSULIN IN ITSELF AT A HIGH CONCENTRATION IS AN EXTREMELY HARMFUL SUBSTANCE WHICH IS WORSE THAN BIL! It can destroy muscle and connective tissue. It is metformin that causes kidney failure in diabetics (and not diabetes!). Metformin acts aggressively on the beta cells of the pancreas, leading to their rapid wear, which contributes to the appearance of cysts and oncology. Of course, a person will die from diabetes earlier than from metformin, which is why it is used.

The second treatment option is taking drugs based on sulfonylurea. Here the meaning is different – to remove excess glucose from the body away. The solution is also not the best, since in this case the excretory system of a person has to work in an enhanced mode. Sugar is harmful to the liver and kidney tissue, with all the attendant.

And what is the worst, because neither the first nor the second methods of treatment relieve a person of diabetes! They are not capable of this, because they do not fight the causes of diabetes! All they do is STABILIZE SUGAR BUT NOT CURE DIABETES ITSELF!

– Have you gone your own way in the treatment of diabetes?

– I had to go, because dying early, or becoming disabled, was definitely not in my plans. At first I thought, if insulin is getting “bad”, maybe there is a way to improve it? Unfortunately I didn’t find a way. The knowledge of mankind and chemists today does not allow this to be done.

However, you can do something else! Namely, to enhance the very reaction of glycolysis! THAT IS TO HELP INSULIN IN PROCESSING GLUCOSE. There are special substances that are called catalysts for biochemical processes. They are able to enhance and accelerate the course of various reactions.

As it turned out, the 7th reaction of glycolysis can be catalyzed by substances of the hydroxyl group. Among this group of substances there is one truly unique, not only harmless, but even beneficial for the body, since it is a special form of vitamin D. This substance is called stigmahydrocalciferol. Its chemical formula is C29H46O. It is an easily digestible vitamin D.

This substance was not discovered by me. It was first synthesized by the famous Italian scientist Marino Borgetti back in 1952. But in those years, its development did not go anywhere. The substance itself and its effect on metabolic processes have not been particularly studied.

I decided to synthesize this substance and try it for the treatment of diabetes. I knew it couldn’t get worse. Vitamin D , in whatever form it is, is good for the body. Initially, I just wanted to replace the metformin pills with stigmahydrocalciferol. But this substance turned out to be even better than I imagined!


– Why is it so good?

– This is good because there is no need to take stigmahydrocalciferol constantly, as many, for example, take the same metformin. You can accumulate this substance as a result of a course intake for 3-4 years in advance and forget about all the symptoms of diabetes for this time.

– That is, during this period, diabetes will completely disappear?

– Not only this one! 3-4 years is a long time. During this time, in the absence of sugar surges, the pancreas, blood vessels, heart will completely improve, and metabolism itself improves. Diabetes will completely go away not for 3-4 years, but for 20 or even more. I still do not have increased sugar, but how much time has already passed. True, I completed 2 courses of stigmahydrocalciferol. First one, and then after 5 years the second.

– It’s amazing! And why didn’t this development go into antidiabetic drugs for mass consumption?

– Do you think pharmaceutical corporations are strongly interested in creating such drugs? Or maybe they are interested in people becoming healthy?

In fact, this is far from true! I will say even more – they are interested in the opposite, in the fact that there are only more diabetics around the world. After all, they are their potential customers! To whom they sell drugs that give only temporary relief. The same drugs based on metformin and sulfonylurea derivatives.

Pharmaceutical giants, no doubt, know about stigmahydrocalciferol, but do not produce such drugs. Such a mess and outright fascism occurs not only in the field of antidiabetic drugs, but also in the field of drugs for hypertension. There is still no drug to treat this disease. And this is despite the fact that humanity will soon fly to Mars, and in general, it has made serious progress in almost all areas of science …

But I also have good news for diabetics. Especially for the aged. In the USA today there is a drug that contains stigmahydrocalciferol. It is produced in limited quantities by the American Institute of Metabolic Processes. It’s called BioScience CBD Gummies.

– That is, today any person can cure diabetes with the help of stigmahydrocalciferol?

– Quite right. If I had not taken stigmahydrocalciferol, I would not be talking to you now, and I would have died from complications of diabetes before I was 70. He gave me a few dozen more lives! But to be treated or not, of course, each person chooses for himself.

Is Stigmahydrocalciferol available in the USA?

We contacted the staff of the American Institute of Metabolic Processes, and they confirmed this information. BioScience CBD Gummies has been produced for 2 years already and during this time about 5000 American diabetics received it from the Institute. All those who took BioScience CBD Gummies are asked by the Institute staff to take part in a survey and answer just one question – “Did BioScience CBD Gummies help them cure diabetes.” People’s responses are encouraging!


Poll result so far

Has the new drug BioScience CBD Gummies helped you cure your diabetes?

  • Diabetes is completely gone – 92.3% of respondents
  • Diabetes has not completely gone, but it has become noticeably better – 5.2% of respondents
  • The drug did not help – 2.1% of respondents
  • Difficult to answer – 0.4% of respondents

How much does BioScience CBD Gummies cost and how can I prescribe it in the USA with delivery?

The Institute of Metabolic Processes clarified that BioScience CBD Gummies is distributed at a minimal price, since the Institute is not engaged in commercial activities. That is, BioScience CBD Gummies is distributed without any extra charges!

How to order BioScience CBD Gummies in USA?

To order BioScience CBD Gummies at the minimum price, you must:

  • Be in USA. The American Institute of Metabolic Processes does not ship the supplement outside the country.
  • Leave a request on the official website The request will be sent directly to the institute staff. They will coordinate with you the delivery.
  • After 2-3 days, you must receive the supplement and pay for the parcel

We were also warned at the Institute that there has been an explosive demand for BioScience CBD Gummies lately, as this drug is being ordered more and more often. Probably, more and more people from acquaintances will learn about what a good drug it is. At the same time, the Institute has only a limited batch of BioScience CBD Gummies. All this will lead to the fact that BioScience CBD Gummies is gradually ending.

Attention! Especially for our readers, we post a direct link to the official website

Johnson Alsopp recommends that all men submit a request for BioScience CBD Gummies on the website while it is still available.

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