Chinese Crush & Ignore 2-year old girl in traffic mayhem

A 40+ year old mentally ill Shelton woman recently extolled the virtues of Shanghai where she vacationed recently with her family using Social Security Disability benefits she’d received on a monthly basis for years under the pretext of being unable to work or take care of herself despite her community involvement, participation in a citizen task force making recommendations about a sales tax increase to support community based mental health programs, maintenance of multiple blogs, almost weekly mountain sojourns, college classes while working on her 2nd bachelor’s degree at TESC, as well as attacks on private property, animals and mountain peaks alike. She posted pictures of her itinerary, the clean streets of Shanghai dramatically contrasting with the filthy ones in Shelton, Chinese public bathrooms, and various mushrooms photographed during some of her many local mountain treks.

Although those pictures reveal an ongoing fraud perpetrated on the Social Security Disability Administration (unless you believe this woman can’t flip burgers, write, or do a lick of work to support herself) that’s continued for many years, what they don’t show is the rhythm of reptilian attitudes permeating this welfare queen and the urban Chinese. Not only do the Chinese sell industrial contaminants for profit in their infants’ retail formula, tainted pet food for international consumption, and dangerous toys and medical/drug supplies, and export massive amounts of mercury laden coal fired air pollution, they ignore 2-year old toddlers lying in the street after being hit/run over by traffic.

Chinese Toddler Run Over, Ignored By Passers-By, Dies Amid Outrage

Run over Twice and ignored, Toddler dies a week later

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