COVID-19 Death Squads Target Seniors

Washington (3-25-20) — It’s time for some uncomfortable truths and frank warnings/talk about seniors, survival, the human condition, and the God complex infecting some public officials as surely as COVID-19 itself. This panic run amok has begun to appear in bizarre pernicious public euphemisms (“triage”) reminiscent of the 3rd Reich’s ‘Final Solution’.
Make no mistake about it, they’re talking about US–at least if you’re older than 65. Lord Of The Flies has assumed the mantle of government and intends to herd seniors into the abattoir with the medical establishment’s blessing. Like geriatric layers, we’re considered past our pull dates. It’s a scene straight out of Logan’s Run coming very soon to a hospital near you. It may not be Soylent Green exactly, but the dead fail to notice such fine distinctions, Moreover, it reveals a deep crevasse and moral hazard in the national character of America which, historically, has always shown its most ugly profile in a crisis. We’re now being told there isn’t room or resources enough for American seniors. Like the Inuit of old, the seniors will have to go onto the nearest ice floe.
An NPR reporter was interviewing a professor of medicine at Johns Hopkins. The question arose of what strategy would be deployed to combat the COVID-19 pandemic given our long anticipated catastrophic failure to have sufficient ICU beds, ventilators, gloves, masks, or adequate protocols in place to meet such a national emergency. “Triage,” she opined. “Seniors over 65yo will be denied ICU bed space without which they had a 95% chance of dying at such a critical stage. Even with ICU ventilator therapy, the odds were no better than 50% survival and a residual 30% permanent reduction in lung capacity.”
“But who will inform the elderly patients of this fate?–their attending physician?” the reporter asked incredulously.
“No. That will be assigned to a special team of triage experts who will evaluate the patient’s number of life years, stages of life lived, and value regardless of the contractual obligations the medical establishment/hospital/health care provider might legally owe the patient,” she predicted.
“Will doctors/health care workers be given extra consideration as critical occupations?” the journalist asked.
“Perhaps not,” she said. “After all, their full recovery may take longer than the curve of the crisis itself–thus their utility might well be considered limited under those circumstances.”
It was a disturbing exchange to hear. But let’s get a realistic perspective on this megalomaniacal proposal and be perfectly blunt: EITHER WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER, OR WE ARE NOT!
It is one thing to propose an unavoidable lottery such as we had for the draft during Nixon’s administration. It is entirely another to deliberately choose which group/race/gender/creed will live or die like some Nazi death camp guard for new arrivals sent to the ovens. Moreover, we’re constantly instructed to be honorable–to behave in a way that protects others as much as ourselves as part of our social duty in the face of a common enemy.
Well, selective abandonment and death squads in all but name only IS A CARDINAL VIOLATION OF THAT SOCIAL CONTRACT. If seniors are not going to be provided protection from the problem, then you’ve eliminated much of the incentive for them to be part of the solution. This planned ‘final solution’ won’t do for a designer virus apparently already engineered to target the elderly or immune-compromised AND MALES (at double the rate of females) IN EVERY AGE RANGE. What a coincidence! And now our social engineering Nazi mimics want to amplify said targeting by targeting seniors in the throes of our current crisis?
Most seniors/pensioners have worked their entire lives for the guarantee of a stipend and reasonable health care in their final years. It’s called a CONTRACT–A binding contract. It’s a violation of the most fundamental rights to change the rules after the dye is cast. Seniors cannot start over. Reneging on the deal they bargained and worked for is beyond deplorable. It is unconscionable. It is theft and virtual manslaughter.
Under such dystopian totalitarianism and lethal agism, seniors just might decide to abandon their gloves and face masks in pulic–Devil take the hindmost. Those face masks tend to protect others more than the wearer in any event. Seniors can always wait until they get home to wash their hands while avoiding touching their face. In the meantime, they can slime freely on every available public surface. Public officials are already announcing their lives are worthless in this viral crisis. If that’s the case, this is truly the beginning of the end and society will suffer a self induced lobotomy in the bargain.
Choose carefully before sacrificing seniors. The blowback may involve unintended consequences of Biblical proportions beyond your imagination. Oppression (and death) breed resistance. And seniors are not alone. Many have families who love them that will pursue the executioners/death squads. i.e. Honor thy mother and thy father.

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