Shelton’s RCW 9A.76.180 DSHS Grinch Christmas Eve 12-23-11

Shelton DSHS staff caught lying, threatening, & trashing civil rights on tape

2011 Christmas Eve by Soul Snatcher Productions (click SD, abate HQ format for audio)

Shelton DSHS staff caught lying, threatening, & trashing civil rights on tape

2011 Christmas Eve by Soul Snatcher Productions
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A client filing for divorce reported an offensively threatening sign on public display in the Shelton DSHS office lobby. Upon arriving to investigate the threatening tone and hostile attitude, government workers initially denied any such sign existed. After discovering the heavy handed posting in the DSHS lobby, photographs of it were taken with difficulty because the staff tried to cover/block it from the camera’s view. Next they attempted to invent nonexistent authority for prohibiting photography in this public area. When that fiction was rejected, they threatened to call the police, claiming photographing the lobby was somehow ‘disruptive’.

The staff woman trying to intimidate the photojournalist sneered at the argument she was violating his civil rights and asked who he might sue. When the possibilities were spelled out, she feigned in a stage whisper she was being ‘threatened’ with a lawsuit.

It’s all here in the audio for those who need to be reminded that government agents routinely lie under such circumstances. For this reason, witnesses and a recording device when dealing with government stooges are fundamental necessities of self defense today. The most commonly committed felony today is perjured testimony under oath by government agents. It isn’t the exception, it’s the rule. Yes, it’s a hassle to take precautions to protect yourself, but would you walk alone down a dark alley in a dangerous neighborhood? Think about it! And, BTW, the very buildings and public spaces these drones try to claim as their own are heavily monitored with surveillance cameras watching YOU! What’s sauce for the government goose is good for the gander. Don’t think simply because you’re not looking for trouble your innocence will protect you. These minions are paid to wreak havoc on individuals’ civil liberties and the American family. Anyone who attempts to remonstrate with them over their bullying will meet stiff resistance and the brute police power of the state. It’s best to be prepared for that eventuality for given long enough, most citizens will be labeled as ‘convicted felons’ in the not too distant future.

What’s needed today is the most fundamental but sweeping reform possible–a law (and sign?) proclaiming government agents who threaten/intimidate the public may be arrested and charged with a class B felony!

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