Simpson: Shelton’s Dioxin polluter continues bizniz as usual

The wicked witch, Adage, may be dead, but her sister, Simpson is all too alive and well!

Unfortunately, biomass continues to be greenwashed instead of unmasked as the threat to the environment it is on a number of different levels ranging from climate change, destruction of the forest ecology/environment, to disseminating the most deadly chemical know to man: DIOXIN! Simpson (aka Green Diamond) sees the nation’s forests as little more than cellulose factories waiting to provide profits to a closely held family corporation with a notorious track record with respect to destroying the community and exploiting its employees.

Dave McEntee, Simpson Investment Company (shown in the following video clip) is the corporation’s chief current apologist. At one public meeting held in Shelton’s Civic Center not so long ago, he answered charges of his company having deliberately used the City’s sewers to flush away its Dioxin saturated toxic waste by alleging, “We didn’t know it was laden with Dioxin!”  The crime took place in the 80’s, well after America knew enough about Dioxin from the horror stories associate with the use of ‘agent orange’ in the Vietnam war. Mason County’s very own ‘Love Canal’ (Shelton Harbor and Oakland Bay) still contributes to Dioxin in the local food chain as well as continues to reside in the City’s landfill where it recently granted a developer permission to build an elementary school adjacent to the unmitigated toxic waste dump (‘C’ Street landfill which has NEVER been certified to accept such toxins nor has it ever been properly decommissioned).  The local yahoos pretending to govern the City continue to embrace the polluter with open arms, do nothing to protect the community from its continued depredations, nor are they prescient enough to quit digging in the same hole from which they don’t appear able to extricate themselves.

Yep, Simpson and Shelton continue to want YOU to breathe sh*t!

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