Thurston Narcotics Detective Arrested for DV, Imprisonment

Thurston County’s DV industry has begun eating its children: The Daily Olympian wouldn’t report Ruben S. Mancillas’ name as the Thurston Sheriff’s narcotics detective arrested for DV and unlawful imprisonment because (they claimed) he hadn’t actually been charged yet.  The paper didn’t mention a special setting before judge McPhee (normally Sutton & Tabor currently preside over the Superior Court criminal calendars) where, after setting a $10,000 bail, the judge warned the newspaper not to photograph Mancillas because it might interfere with his undercover work. Prior Restraint?…maybe:

Early 30’s (dob: 11-7-77), Hispanic, married, member of the SWAT team, and now facing a class C felony in the DV judicial-courthouse industrial complex dominated by stalwarts such as Jennifer Lord, esq. & Co.

Scene of the ‘crime’?–3361 Bali St, NE, Olympia, WA. (map & photo)

Thurston County Sheriff’s Narcotics Detective Out on Bail by JEREMY PAWLOSKI | Staff writer • Published November 16, 2011

The contrast between how this case (#11-1-01784-6) is being handled and the matter of Thurston’s DV Prosecutor, Jennifer Lord charging a Good Samaritan for accommodating a disabled woman in the public hallway of the Thurston Family & Juvenile Courthouse (#11-1-01711-1)  is stunning.  Every effort is being made to hide the identity of the detective facing serious criminal charges while the Samaritan is being pilloried for simply rendering aid and assistance in a public space.

Of course, Mr. Mancillas may be entirely innocent and exonerated. No arraignment has been set to date. But while Mr. James Dixon, his attorney, has already filed a motion for discovery, the Samaritan waits for his and is told he may not even have a copy under CrR 4.7.  Motions are filed for Mancillas BEFORE arraignment while the Samaritan is told by Krystal Rowland (judicial assistant to judges Tabor & Sutton) that he cannot file motions prior to being arraigned…apparently that limitation doesn’t apply in the Mancillas case.

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In order to clarify the dramatic differences between how outsiders and pro se defendants are handled compared to one of their own with a local attorney (James Dixon), the opening details of the Mancillas case and ongoing ones for the Samaritan will be published right here:

Behind the Green Door

Taking The Fall


Court: Thurston Superior            State of Washington vs. Ruben S. Mancillas
Case Number: 11-1-01784-6

Sub Docket Date Docket Code Docket Description
Preliminary Appearance
Judge William Thomas Mcphee
2 11-16-2011 AFFIDAVIT/DECLARATION PROB CAUSE Affidavit/declaration Prob Cause
3.99 11-16-2011 CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION FORM Confidential Information Form
11-16-2011 CONFIDNTL REPORT IN SEALED ENVELOPE Confidntl Report In Sealed Envelope
4 11-16-2011 PRE-TRIAL REPORT Pre-trial Report
5 11-16-2011 ORD DETERMIN PROBABLE CAUSE Ord Determin Probable Cause
6 11-16-2011 DECLARATION Declaration On Nonsurrender
7 11-16-2011 ORDER TO SURRENDER WEAPON Order To Surrender Weapon
8 11-16-2011 NO CONTACT ORDER No Contact Order
9 11-16-2011 ORDER ESTABLISHING COND. OF RELEASE Order Establishing Cond. Of Release
10 11-16-2011 NOT OF APPEAR AND REQ FOR DISCOVERY Not Of Appear And Req For Discovery
11 11-17-2011 BAIL BOND Bail Bond Nw Surety
12 11-17-2011 SHERIFF’S OFFICE RECEIPT Sheriff’s Office Receipt

You may notice how the details, and of public interest, are SEALED in the Mancillas case. But not so in #11-1-01711-1. THAT case is open to all without any sealed reports, etc.

Court: Thurston Superior                    State of Washington v. Good Samaritan
Case Number: 11-1-01711-1 (brought to you courtesy of DV prosecutor, Jennifer Lord)

Sub Docket Date Docket Code Docket Description
1 11-01-2011 INFORMATION Information
2 11-01-2011 AFFIDAVIT/DECLARATION PROB CAUSE Affidavit/declaration Prob Cause
3 11-01-2011 ORD DETERMIN PROBABLE CAUSE Ord Determin Probable Cause
11-01-2011 EX-PARTE ACTION WITH ORDER Ex-parte Action With Order
4 11-01-2011 SUMMONS Summons
Notice Of Arraignment
Arraignment/appt Of Atty
6 11-02-2011 APPEARANCE PRO SE Appearance Pro Se
7 11-02-2011 NOTICE OF HEARING
Notice Of Hearing
Motion To Recuse/change Venue
8 11-02-2011 MOTION Motion Change Venue
11-02-2011 AFFIDAVIT OF PREJUDICE Affidavit Of Prejudice Tabor
9 11-03-2011 NOTICE OF HEARING
Notice Of Hearing
Bill Of Particulars
10 11-03-2011 MOTION Motion For Bill Of Particulars
11 11-03-2011 ATTACHMENT Attachments To Motion
12 11-07-2011 NOTICE OF HEARING Notice Of Hearing Incorrect Set
13 11-07-2011 NOTICE OF HEARING Notice Of Hearing Not Timely
14 11-07-2011 MOTION FOR RECONSIDERATION Motion For Reconsideration
Hearing Continued:calendar Conflict
Motion To Recuse-1/chg Of Venue-1
ACTION Bill Of Particulars-1
Tabor Cc Scott Cr Shackell
Initial Arraignment
Judge Lisa L. Sutton
17 11-15-2011 NOTICE OF HEARING Notice Of Hearing Untimely
18 11-15-2011 MOTION Motion Issue Subpoena
Order Setting Trial Date
Pretrial Omnibus
Notice Of Status Conference
Status Conference
Notice Of Trial Date
90 Day11-14-2011
20 11-15-2011 NOTICE OF APPEARANCE Notice Of Appearance
21 11-15-2011 ORDER ESTABLISHING COND. OF RELEASE Order Establishing Cond. Of Release

No ‘SEALED’ records here and NO demand for Discovery, unlike the well oiled Mancillas defense.

UPDATE:  It should come as no surprise that the double standard of jurisprudence rendered by the Prosecutor in Thurston County would take care of its own (Sara Dotson and Ruben Mancillas) as revealed by the following events. Apparently they have not taken to eating their children yet, just yours.

Published November 25, 2011

No charges for Thurston detective

An undercover Thurston County narcotics detective arrested last week on suspicion of unlawful imprisonment, domestic violence will not be charged with a crime, Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist said Wednesday.

The Thurston County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office declared a conflict of interest in connection with the detective’s Nov. 15 arrest, and the charging decision was left to the Pierce County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, Thurston County Prosecuting Attorney Jon Tunheim said.

The detective, 34, who had returned from a 15-month Army deployment in Afghanistan in October, was accused of refusing to let his wife out of their bedroom during an argument, court papers state.

Lindquist said in a phone interview Wednesday that his office will not file any criminal charges against the detective in connection with the case because it “cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he restricted her movement.”

Lindquist added that his office had a follow-up conversation with the detective’s wife, and she said that her husband “did not restrain her and she was free to leave” during the argument.

According to court papers, the woman had a different account of what had happened when she spoke to a Lacey police officer who responded to another domestic dispute at her and her husband’s home the night of Nov. 13.

On that date she told the Lacey officer that, during the Nov. 8 argument, her husband had blocked the door, and told her: “You aren’t going anywhere. We are going to figure this out,” court papers state. She added that during the Nov. 8 argument, he had placed a revolver on the bed, according to court papers.

Also according to court papers:

The woman had called police on Nov. 13 to report that her husband had a gun out during a dispute. The detective also called police, and said “his service pistols are on his bed and that his wife was intoxicated and his duty weapon were in his bedroom.” He also reported that his wife hit him.

The detective’s wife later told a Lacey police officer that they had been married for 13 years, but had been verbally arguing “almost every day” lately.

The detective’s attorney, James Dixon, had said in a prior interview that his client was innocent of the allegations against him.

Thurston County Sheriff’s Lt. Greg Elwin said Wednesday that the detective will remain on paid administrative reassignment pending the outcome of the sheriff’s office’s internal investigation into the allegations against the undercover detective.

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