It’s NOT too Late!

Breath Soaring

Many are called.  Few are chosen  It’s not too late to take action to preserve ourselves, our future, and our children.  Some are undoubtedly discouraged by the treatment received at the hands of our elected officials.  Others have faltered in their courage, hoping to escape by planning their flight to distant ports.

But the problem is bigger than us in Mason County, bigger than even Washington State.  It is truly global and the process is broken everywhere at every level.

This is not the time to fail in our resolve.

It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.

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Adage and those who believe our planet is limitless CAN be educated because our lives depend on doing so.  Some of us are old enough we wont be fated to see the extreme suffering that will be rendered if we fail.

Gaia's Caress

The Civil Rights movement succeeded because enough of our countrymen were sensitized to the desperate need of our brothers and sisters to be treated compassionately and as full citizens.  The conscience of America was pricked by images of fire hoses turned on the citizens of Birmingham while police dogs tore at their limbs.

Beach Sprites

Today our mother herself cries out.   If we fail to preserve her, we and all our children, her children, will surely die.

The earth is moist, her remaining forests are green.  What clean air remains is as intoxicating as joy itself.  From her arms we sprang and to them we will return. In God’s own time, she will comfort us…if we let her.

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Opposed to politicians who equivocate about air quality & BioMassacre
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