Grim Reaper Street Theater

I NEED HELP to create a Street Theater Production
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I believe the time has come for creative efforts to turn the tide against Adage, Simpson, and Tim Sheldon.
I want to create a Street Theater Production with the help and involvement of the community.  I can’t do it by myself.  Please get involved and help by assisting in the acquiring of some of the following items for the following bold public imagery:

A street theater drama consisting of the Grim Reaper carrying a scythe pulling a miniature reproduction of a bio-incinerator behind including a belching smokestack labeled ‘ADAGE’ (on one side) and ‘SIMPSON’ on the other.  Emblems of the molecular Skull & Cross-bones will be attached to the top of the stack.

The Grim Reaper will be carrying a sign welcoming Adage and a ‘VOTE for Tim Sheldon’ sign.  Others accompanying the Grim Reaper will be dressed in ALL Black wearing breathing masks carrying ‘clean air’, ‘Vote for Nancy Williams’, and ‘No BioMassacre!/NO Adage’ signs.

Materials Needed:
A green 4-sided garden cart with substantial sizes rubber tires.  (I can provide this or will accept a loaner)

Cardboard or plywood of a type that can be assembled into a box shape covering the cart resembling a bio-incinerator building.

Paint and an artist who can decorated the box to look like a bio-incinerator buildingl

A plastic green/black/grey pipe of 8″-10″ diameter and about 5′ in length to be the ‘smokestack’ coming out of the top of the box.  (I can provide this)

A 12″ or larger diameter flat bottomed water-tight pan to insert the plastic pipe into through a tightly fit hole in the top of the box resembling a building.  Water will be placed in the pan and then dry ice.


Dry Ice. (I have no idea of where to obtain this locally)

A Grim Reaper robe w/Hood that will fit me along with a black mask to cover my face.  Someone with sewing skills could create this, but soon.  Black material will be needed and I would consider purchasing this if the robe fit me.  If anyone has suitable black material to donate, that would be fantastic.

1 large Scythe with body length snath,  (I have this)

Dark Glasses.  (I have this)

Workshop to assemble the rolling bio-incinerator replica.

Truck to transport replica.  (I have one)

The signs as described above.  I need Tim Sheldon campaign signs as well as some for Nancy Williams.  Bring your Clean-Air signs and any protesting against Adage, etc. too.

Cameras – Bring your cameras and encourage your friends to do likewise.  Take LOTS of photos/video and publish it on youtube, blogs, e-mail, and by any other means possible.

Street Play:
The Grim Reaper will tow the bio-incinerator replica with belching smokestack (properly lettered and full of dry ice for visual effect) in front of commissioner meetings, port district, and other large gathering accompanied by as many black clad sign toting masked victims as can be persuaded to accompany him.

It’s anticipated the dramatic image will gather photos and press coverage, hence the need for signs.

The street play will be highly mobile and transportable.  The Grim Reaper robe may be uncomfortable on warm days.  But the even should be fun and, I hope, effective.  The election is upon us.  This will be a valuable visual tool to help educate the electorate and our candidates.

Does anyone HAVE a black robe w/hood?…black graduation gown that would fit a 6’6″ man in shoes?

Please contact me by e-mail if you can help.  I can’t do this by myself.

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