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Mossy Mom,
Thank you for the opportunity to respond to something that’s been disheartening: The ‘religion of politics’. Last evening (Wednesday) I arrived at the ‘meet and greet’ candidates event sponsored by Mason County Democrats at the PUD#3 auditorium hoping to see Nancy Williams there. Other candidates were there but not Nancy or Tim Sheldon. I’d brought some campaign ads for Nancy and took the time to explain/persuade why I supported her to receptive listeners for the most part, but certainly not all.

More than once that night I encountered remarks such as, “I’m not going to vote for some T-bagger!” or, “She’s a Republican!” When I countered, “So? Tim’s a Democrat! What real difference does it make when the issues are so large, when the process itself is broken and we’re literally slated to be poisoned by pollution on a massive scale as a result of the machinations of this man and others officials like him?” I suggested that the 1st priority was BREATHING! Failing that, everything else is moot, even those important issues you raise. Allow me to pursue what I believe is unassailable logic as follows:

Nancy isn’t the ‘perfect’ candidate. (Who is?) But too often ‘perfect’ is the enemy of good enough. Nancy is good enough, for now. Moreover, she’s the only viable alternative to an official who has become completely unacceptable in his arrogance and deceit to the residents of Mason County. (Please see attached image file of Tim sneering at a local resident pleading for a reprieve during a county commissioners meeting from the proposed Adage biomassacre.)  More on this point later. But NOTHING trumps this one issue–just try NOT breathing for 1.5 minutes to make my point. See? Even jobs, unemployment, health care, and social security fade in importance when you can’t breathe! I know–I had asthma as a child. I vividly recall when I was 4 years old lying on the grass in a Norwalk park (L.A. County, Calif.) unable to move, crying because I was unable to breathe and thought I was going to die as a result of the air pollution that DID nearly kill me. Children do die from asthma regularly.  Our local physicians and medical experts have alerted the public to this fact and oppose the planned Adage/Simpson bio-incinerators that will precipitate what I experienced. Children cannot adequately protect themselves. But consider asking yours whether they’d rather breathe (given only the choice) or learn their daddy has found a job or gotten an extension of unemployment benefits?

Mossy, THAT IS THE CHOICE Tim Sheldon is offering us! i.e. Wouldn’t you like to have jobs…Jobs…JOBS? When residents responded after consideration, NO, we’d rather be able to breathe, Tim disdainfully insulted, marginalized, stonewalled, and ignored us…as does Linda Ring Erickson and Ross Gallagher. Were you aware there are judges who refuse to award child custody in a divorce to the parent who smokes for similar reasons listed above? Those judges view smoking around children as a form of child abuse. Jobs don’t excuse that abuse. Unemployment benefits don’t excuse that abuse. Social Security/disability doesn’t excuse that abuse. And if there is ANY doubt…shouldn’t we err solidly in favor of our children and our seniors (like me) who are most vulnerable?

Sadly some of our most helpful neighbors (e.g. Laura Lewis, Becky Penoyar, Mary Chilton, et ux) are already planning on moving out of the area as a result of the impending smokestacks and massive pollution. Some have told me they’re planning on moving to New Zealand because this debacle is slated for such a huge region in the pacific northwest. THAT angers and frightens *me*. Home sales in Hiawatha Park are reportedly already being nixed as a result.

Nancy Williams simply believes that even governments must live within their means as do we all. Having prepared so many bankruptcies in my role as a paralegal and bankruptcy preparer, I’ve often suggested to my clients that attempting to ‘borrow’ your way out of poverty is ill conceived. It doesn’t work for us as individuals and many, including Nancy, believe it doesn’t work as national policy. Nancy believes if we can’t afford it, we should plan accordingly. That’s not an alien concept when you get down to it. In fact, it’s a concept Tim Sheldon himself embraces…except for himself at our expense! Tim Sheldon has voted for tax waiver legislation for wealthy corporations (e.g. Duke Energy, Adage) and hog fuel (biomass) suppliers that have the effect of directly benefiting him and other large timber tract owners.

You have a duty not only to your children, but hopefully to the rest of us in your community as well. This is the same message I’ve carried to those unions summoned by Adage to a recent Port of Shelton meeting attended by residents. i.e. Organized labor has its roots in concern for the welfare of workers, their families & children, the community…it should stand in solidarity with that community rather than antithetical corporate interests just as we should stand with them in promoting decent wages, safe working conditions, and fair treatment of employees.

Mossy, please don’t abandon the most fundamental principle to us all–breathing, because of your fear these other issues will be ignored. Just as the community came out in a show of support for port commissioner Jack Miles, we will stand shoulder to shoulder with you and your family to ensure we all have access to a social policy based four square on the proposition that families are the backbone of America and must be protected and given the opportunity to thrive. If you’re committed to the idea of breathing for us all, then Nancy Williams is your best choice for 35th District Senator. If you’d rather trade your/our right to breathe away for ‘jobs(?)’ then Tim Sheldon is your man.

Emphysema, asthma, cancer, allergies, birth defects vs. jobs–your choice. But not jobs for all, just a few. And the pay for permanent employees will be commensurate with Adage’s disdain for the community, I promise you. Arguably, given this kind of reasoning, the Port of Shelton should permit a brothel if the community’s values and concerns count for nothing. It would bring in more money and be less environmentally harmful. THAT is the underlying logic/agenda of our current elected officials. Besides, you and I both know this isn’t about ‘jobs’ or generating electricity for that matter. It’s about burning northwest forests to generate carbon credits for Adage and Duke Energy, as insane as that equation is.

Mossy and the rest of you, help us help ourselves and we will stand with you together. United we stand, divided we fall, and if your back is ever against the wall, we’ll be there. There is no white knight waiting in the wings to bail us out on this one. The big money, the politicians, the self absorbed business interests have aligned themselves against the people on this one. It’s not academic. We all must breathe, there can be no compromise. And inasmuch as there can be no compromise, Nancy Williams is the only VIABLE (life) choice–a woman who devotes her life to foster children, i.e. small members of our community in crisis who can’t help themselves! Nancy Williams has a heart THIS big! You don’t get ‘rich’ as a foster parent. Usually the expenses exceed what the State allows for reimbursement. How many of YOU out there are foster parents? Eh??

It’s been said ‘liberals’ (Democrats?) are those who like people in general, just not in the particular. Are we witnessing such a display when some attack Nancy for being a fiscal conservative? I believe in living within our means as do many others. President Obama did NOT carry Mason County in the most recent Presidential election. I’ve been to tax auction sales where people who could not afford their property taxes lost their homes. The public purse isn’t derived from some mythical money tree, but from members of our community like you and me. I don’t know about you, but *I* have been homeless. I know what asthma and homelessness feels like. Nancy knows what children from abusive homes and dysfunctional families feel like.

On a slightly broader point, allow me to share a short fable I think exemplifies what even die-hard Democrats and those into political labels or disdainful of fiscal conservatives should consider:

The mice were convened to consider emergency action in response to the house cat decimating their numbers. All agreed a crisis was at hand, but what to do? No one had any constructive ideas until one mouse suggested belling the cat! “Once we’ve belled the cat, then we’ll hear whenever it approaches and we can take shelter to preserve ourselves,” the mouse extolled. The others applauded loudly and were set to celebrate until one very small mouse asked, “But who will bell the cat?”

People, NANCY WILLIAMS had the courage to attempt to bell THIS cat, i.e. Tim Sheldon. I notice a lot of griping among a few who sneer at her for being a ‘T-bagger’ or on the wrong side of this issue (unemployment benefits) or that issue (Social Security disability eligibility) but NOT ONE OF YOU had the spine to cast YOUR hat into the ring to run against Tim Sheldon. It’s easy to criticize but a lot tougher to DO something constructive. Nancy had the courage, honesty, and integrity to actually try to make a difference, not just complain. I didn’t see much action or payment of filing fees on this go-round for the 35th District Senate race. Nancy is not a wealthy woman. Nor does she have Tim Sheldon’s Ivy league education, his political experience & sophistication, or his corporate ties and influence. But she *is* the one who filed with the Auditor’s office for this position while the rest of us sat on our hands. If you want the ‘perfect’ candidate, then next time why don’t YOU run for office?

If Nancy Williams can loosen Tim Sheldon’s death grip on Mason County and the 35th District, then I support her as I urge you to do. We cannot expect different results if we keep electing the same officials who brought us low in the first place.

And it doesn’t get much lower than this.

Nancy Williams will be a badly needed breath of fresh air for this community. It’s time for a change, don’t you think? She’s opposed to Adage, Simpson, and any other bad actor who injures the community and our children.

It’s like there’s this guy with a gun pointed at your head but might be a Yankees fan and YOU are a Yankees fan…or believe in more liberal unemployment benefits, social security, or whatever and YOU are going to allow him to get re-elected? I mean, what’s with THAT???? First disarm the bastard and THEN let’s talk about baseball, OK?

And remember, some of us cannot move away. We’re effectively stuck here until we leave this earthly coil. Please don’t abandon us to the likes of Tim Sheldon. Nancy will listen and act in YOUR best interest, Tim will not. He’s too arrogant for that. Elect ‘Grandma’ NANCY WILLIAMS to the 35th District Senate

ps: Nancy, could you send me some pics so I can show folks what you look like?

John Smith, goatherd (360)427-3599
DBA: Amicus Curia, paralegal (“We help you help yourself”)
DBA: Amicus Curia Collections, Inc. (“Debt Redemption”)
“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom, go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen!”
–Samuel Adams–

From: Anonymous
To: Amicus Curia
Both of my kids Dad’s are laid off and my kids will have no insurance other than DSHS. I know that teabaggers want to cut things like DSHS and Social Security Disability, so teabaggers frighten me.

I have been informing Nancy as to the community’s feelings about the health impact. When I first contacted her, she was not aware of what a hot button issue this is. She was opposed to Adage sucking up our taxes/resources and stated concern about the air pollution. Of course there’s a host of reasons in addition to those for opposing Simpson & Adage’s biomassacre. But she has become sensitized to the health issues, especially on our most vulnerable (e.g. children) given her natural passions as a foster mom and grandmother. I can tell you she’s like sunshine walking beside you compared to Tim Shelton. I do wish Nancy had more education and experience. But I’ll take her honesty and integrity over Tim’s deceit any day. For the moment, she’s the only hope residents have to loosen Tim’s death grip on Mason County and the 35th District.

I’ve been trying to educate Brenda Hirschi on the Simpson plant too. It makes no difference to the public health whether the pollution originates on public or private land! When I asked Brenda about how she distinguished between Simpson and Adage, she quickly reached for that vacuous logic. While I’m a private property rights advocate myself, I reminded her pollution is fungible. And the perverse politics of carbon credits is being played by Simpson too, but more adroitly than Adage.

So yes, Nancy is philosophically a ‘minimalist’ when it comes to government, but very concerned about the impact on our health regardless of the origin of that impact. I think we can trust Brenda although she’s less stalwart about Simpson than Adage. Jerry Lingle seems vague on the issue and I note doesn’t show up at the meetings and hearings like Brenda does. When I spoke to him by phone, he said he’d rather discuss the issue face to face…which (of course?) hasn’t happened yet. Hmmmm….

John Smith, goatherd (360)427-3599
DBA: Amicus Curia, paralegal (“We help you help yourself”)
DBA: Amicus Curia Collections, Inc. (“Debt Redemption”)
“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the
animated contest of freedom, go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or
arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly
upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen!”
–Samuel Adams–
From: Mossy
To: Amicus Curia
Cc: Nancy C Williams
Sent: Wed, September 8, 2010 8:43:40 AM
Subject: Re: Better Rosie poster
How does Nancy feel about the Simpson biomass plant?

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5 Responses to An Open Letter

  1. admin says:

    Clint said…
    I agree that Grandma is way better than Sheldon. Although I am a very progressive believer she will serve the community so I will vote for her.
    Increasing corporate wealth is how we got into this mess. It is not the way to get out of it.
    Thank you for your passionate letter.
    September 10, 2010 1:27 PM

  2. admin says:

    Citizen said…
    The evil of two lessors, I’m just not going to vote for either one of them. Grandma want to cut foodstamps because she heard somewhere that people sell them for cash. Grandma needs to learn more about the system! Food stamps are issued on cards like credit cards that can only be redeemed in stores. It’s true that 10 years ago, or more people could sell them for cash.

    But I’ll tell you what, if you’re on food stamps and you’re not being provided with military or subsidized housing, you’re hungry. The food stamp program is very stingy clearly states that it does not provide enough to feed a person, is is only a suppliment.

    In this time of austerity the last thing we need is for the governement to reduce taxes for the rich and steal from the poor.

    So Tim Sheldon will posion the poor and Grandma Williams will starve starve the poor. What a choice..

    No I’m not on foodstamps, but I was about 20 years ago, back when they were still stamps.
    September 11, 2010 10:05 AM

  3. admin says:

    Pinbalwyz said…

    Provided you’re fit, hunger is a blessing. It makes us do what we ought to be doing anyway!

    And…I can go hungry a LOT longer than I can go without breathing. The difference between Nancy and Tim is she is not arrogant; she will listen. Tim won’t. If her basis for considering food stamp reduction or tightening of eligibility is fraud, then a teachable moment would be on hand which, I’m confident, Nancy would gracefully benefit from. Just try that with Tim Sheldon.
    I think I mentioned having experienced homelessness and food stamps myself. Nancy has a big heart. And she cares for other people’s children in crisis. Plus she’s adamantly opposed to corporate welfare, e.g. Adage.

    What you should consider is how corporations sucking up public resources and tax dollars contributes to hunger and further impoverishes citizens because of the tendency of their greed to bankrupt the public purse. Tim Sheldon is the very acme of a corporate agent and enemy of those who have difficulty feeding their family for the very reason that public funds/tax money is limited/finite. You should consider voting for Nancy, not because she’s the ‘perfect’ candidate, but because she’d at least help make those limited public dollars available to people instead of giant wealthy corporations. Adage will displace any number of other forest based cottage industries thereby subjecting even more families to starvation. She’d also likely help prevent more people losing their homes. I believe homelessness and hunger go hand in hand. When you can’t pay your property taxes, they take your home…try attending a tax auction sale sometime. Once again I hear an argument based on the ‘general’ welfare rather than the welfare of the individual. Nancy actually helps the most vulnerable individuals (children) who desperately need it EVERY DAY! She’s honest and has personal integrity while believing in ideals larger than herself. I don’t believe we can make that argument in good faith today about Tim.

    So based on your own stated dilemma, breathing or eating, (if that were the true dichotomy) I think the choice is easy enough. I can forage for food. I can’t forage for air. Adage has the disadvantage of reducing forage area as well since it will strip the soil bare over vast tracts of land. Like the corn ethanol boondoggle, Adage will seek to burn the very forest and biosphere which sustains us.

    Stop confusing a crisis in survivability with social welfare policy. They’re apples and oranges. Clearly, without sufficient air and water quality, food stamps, etc. are moot because you won’t be around to enjoy them. It’s a question of priorities, really. You are buying into the same type of choice Tim Sheldon is offering, i.e. Don’t you want jobs…Jobs…JOBS??? Jobs will provide income that will allow you (presumably) to EAT! But SO WHAT if you can’t BREATHE!!

    Forests also help protect our water supply.

    In effect, you’re electing to allow Tim to remain in office for the very economic arguments he advances while ignoring the more fundamental one–BREATHING! Try not to get all choked up and elect NANCY WILLIAMS as your 35th District Senator. Your lungs will thank you and so will your loved ones. Try holding your breath for 1.5 minutes and tell me whether you’re more concerned about your next meal or your next breath.

    September 11, 2010 1:01 PM

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